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RE: 🔥 Blockchain Gaming - Splinterlands + Game Credits Partnership

in HODL4 months ago

Thanks for this update!
I don't know much about this game's ecology. In case I choose to invest in it, should I buy DEC tokens or some game cards?


You do not have to buy DEC at first, you can just buy credits if you feel like it (basically they are equal to USD).

And you can start playing with 10 USD and slowly make your way up the ladder 😃

I ain't interested in playing but only in investing to get better returns. What I understood from your explantion is that Credits are some stable currency vis-a-vis USD and are only used as in-game currency. Anyway, I'll have to look deeper to understand that all. Thanks for this info!

Well I do not believe this is the best to make a "return" if you do not like to play every day. There are better opportunities out there 😄.

I get you ! Time is money !

Okay, that's a solid advice. Thanks!