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RE: PEAKMONSTERS RENTALS 2.0 - A preview with questions for Splinterlands players

in PeakMonsters3 months ago

This is exciting as I have not been back to the market to rent after the fork. Looking forward to putting my cards on the market although the amount will depend on how many we need working on our land as well. In all, the demand for cards should increase.

1.-Have over 1,000 single BCX to put up as well if I can do easier than today's system.
2.-ROA is most important but other are good metrics as well
3.-I would probably rent some too for land expansions in the future which will be the first time.
4.-Probably DEC
5.-I love dashboards which would be cool to see.

Wish you guys the best as this definitely seems like an evolution while it does not seem easy!