Our decision about Splinterlands Land Pool

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Long story short is both @peakmonsters and @jarvie will be purchasing a REGION ... but we aren't doing a Typical "first come first serve Land Pool". We'll do something but It'll be different because we have some concerns.



We wrote a post and were ready to pull the trigger a couple days ago on a big first come first serve land pool for peakmonsters.com users and started making a post about how we would open up 2 pools because I myself (@jarvie) had enough to do a region myself. But we canceled that idea of an OFFICIAL and OPEN POOL and have been thinking about what we could do instead.

Why would we do a pool when we are capable of getting a full region.

I thought maybe one person owning a whole region is actually counterproductive to splinterlands as a whole and I've (@jarvie) have written posts (specially on discord) already mentioned how I think large whales owning too much is likely not helpful for the longevity and health of splinterlands and that it is a shortsighted bug of trying to get funding for the splinterlands team. Therefore doing two pools would be a way to own a LOT of land but not a full region for either PeakMonsters or Jarvie account and try to be more true to my present philosophy.


So having more people own parts of the 150k plots is probably a great thing. So a pool is good and helping more people get land is a good effort

But... when I got to the part of the announcement post about VOTING and governance of the Region I was worried. PeakMonsters and Myself still want to own a good chunk of a region and my concern is what happens with that voting? We were planning on owning at least half the land but then would people get mad at us for voting a certain way? Would it damage potential customer relations? Would it put undue stress on those relationships with our users of peakmonsters.com?
For example there is a peakmonsters user who wants to do 4 tracts that's a 40% vote in and of itself between what peakmonsters wants to own and then that's most of a region. Does he even want to be in a region with peakmonsters or the jarvie region? Does he expect or hope to be the biggest land owner in a region? What are his hopes for voting?

I wonder how other Pools are dealing with all of this stuff or if they've even thought about it? Are people buying into a pool strategizing about having a large vote? Do we think splinterlands will even go heavily down this road since we're still a year away and these may just be ideas?


Obviously helping our users get a discount is a benefit to them, however there are many pools happening from what i know. Why not them? Why us?
What is the benefit to them beyond discount? Being with other guild mates? Why choose our LAND POOL opposed to others? And are those governance items (which we know very little about) actually helpful to users?
Seems to me if it's not just discount then it's governance and being in a group that has thought about governance... and I just don't know if we're willing to solidify a governance strategy that makes certain everyone is perfectly happy.


Long story short yes PeakMonsters and Myself will almost certainly be buying a region. I'd consider this offer as a limited option for peakmonster.com market users only.

Yes we are both willing to take in people to the pool... but I think it may be case by case scenario.

Meaning do not consider this as an official post stating official statement about an open entry land pool nor consider this an official statement of our plans for governance (because we just don't know what we'll do and if we made a statement now possibly one year before we know how voting is going to go down then we see that as potentially counter-productive to our business.)

I think you should go in expecting that in both pools there will likely be a majority owner that will have over 50% of the vote and their vote may or may not be perfectly designed to help you personally. But also you have to wonder if spllinterlands will do things that will make some owners of a region hate other users of a particular region? I doubt it.

I guess we can state officially that we'll buy back your plots at cost in case you want out of the region and maybe move to another.

Maybe this is the best scenario... if there is like 15 tracts desired then we can get a third pool and one region can be not owned at all by peakmonsters or jarvie and we can limit it to no person can own over 30% ... but are we promising this will happen? Nope.


If you just want to get some land at 7500dec a plot (750k a tract) and aren't worried about governance and you're ok with peakmonsters or jarvie owning the majority of those regions then yeah we're open to chatting.

  1. Find us on discord or write here on a comment how you want land and how you are ok with the unknowns (governance) you just want some land at a regional % discount.
  2. We'll first make sure you're an actual peakmonsters consistent user and approve you.
  3. Then you will send DEC to @peakpool ... it will keep track of ammounts and order and we'll make a spreadsheet based on that.
  4. It will be first come first preference on what region you end up in. So if you add to the pool first and we get 2 (maybe3) regions then you can pick which one you want in on.
  5. Do you have specific requirements... I guess state your requirements here or on discord and if we're ok with them we'll let you know and if not then no harm done you can find a different pool that is willing.
  6. You'll want to go visit the splinterlands faq posts to learn about how things will be distributed. Basically they'll give us a region token and some day in the future we'll be able to brake it up into tracts (then plots) it's at that point you'll get those from us.


It's totally fine... if we end up with 2 full regions with no one sharing them it's what it is and we're ok with it and have the money for it. It's better than there being any potential drama for our business at peakmonsters.com


I am very interested in getting two tracts. I have a very slight preference for two different regions -- but both in the same region works for me as well.

Peakmonster's (or Jarvie's) Governance is fine by me.

May we use credits instead of DEC?

I have no specific requirements (actually, can't even think what this means ;-) )

and THANK YOU for doing this.

I don't know of a way to transfer credits (Meaning I don't think you're allowed to transfer them to our account) ...You can ask @splinterlands @yababmatt to see if there is an option.

Also we would for sure let you in on the land if you're able to figure out how to make it work.

I'm in regardless. I'll ask to see if there is an option -- but it might be more effective coming from you (they are accepting pre-deposits so letting anyone contribute to a given pool should be easy -- assuming that that don't choose to block it)

Yeah i saw the transfer to player option (cool)... the worry is that there would be no easy record of the transfer so transfer through hive-engine is probably the only way we're gonna accept just to make accounting totally transparent.

I'll be glad to have my small holding in a region with you. Perhaps we can craft some hyperdrives and take our monsters on a trip to the far side of the Exode Galaxy.

Then you will send DEC to @peakpool ... it will keep track of ammounts and order and we'll make a spreadsheet based on that.

I'm also interested in participating (if my peakmonsters usage qualifies). I'd prefer paying in CREDITS, USD, or a highly liquid cryptocurrency? Am I overthinking this... is it easy to obtain large quantity of DEC?

You are for sure qualified I assume you already knew that because you know how much spend.

We'd consider other currencies if you need it specially if it's a hive based one so we have records of it on the blockchain.

Haha I wasn't sure whether my tier was high enough, but I guess so! Also plan to be using PeakMonsters more now that I know about the BULK option so I can count BCX before purchasing. And today I lucked out and snatched up a card paying 4% market fee, so it wouldn't show up on the splinterlands in-game market.

Was there a certain deadline you wanted users to commit by? I am deciding between this or perhaps rolling the dice and trying to purchase an entire region. First time land owner either way!

It's not about tier or how much a person spends but just that they are still our customers pretty loyally.

I guess we have not said a date just that those who put in money first will have priority... if we only get 1 of the two regions in the lottery then there won't be much land available.
If we get a ton put in the pool then we'd go for 3 regions

Another thought that I'm having, there will be 3 different funding rounds which distribute land claims in 3 different area's from what I gather.

Will PeakMonsters be getting a region in all three of these area's or are you trying to keep the guild / market land all in the first area? Although I haven't seen any details yet it seems there could be some advantages to both having multiple regions in one area or having a region in each of the three area's...

Maybe keeping the door open for doing another guild / market user pool in the 2nd and 3rd rounds would be a good thing and these region's could have a more decentralized ownership and governance?

From what we know they are planning this one LAND but doing 4 funding rounds for that one land. 150k plots and so far selling 30k plots.

Different land areas may be many years away and are probably related to how much growth the game sess.

Its good that you are thinking about all the issues. My alt @jpbliberty is a regular user of peakmonsters, although this account is a less regular user.

We'd like to buy 10 plots and are happy about being in your governance area.

I'm @apshamilton on Discord.

To be fair It looks like you switched to using other markets so we may have to decline for now but best of luck. We encourage you to start using PeakMonsters.com market again we hope the perks are worth it.

My @jpbliberty account has sold a heap of cards on Peak Monsters Market. Both recently and over a long period.

it appears you stopped buying stuff with our market 2 years ago. Let me know if there is another account we should be looking at.

Sadly the explorer history of splinterlands in general only goes back 30 days so maybe you just don't buy much... but seems like you buy at least some stuff and you use a different market interface


Does only buying count?
I have sold a lot of cards on Peak Monsters in my @jpbliberty account.
You earn on selling too don't you?

The fact is that PeakMonsters is much better for bulk buying and selling but Splinterlands is much more convenient for those impulse purchases to buff your team while you are playing. Thus I use PeakMonsters for my "investment" accounts and Splinterlands for my active player account.

"You earn on selling too don't you?"
Not at all.

Only buying counts towards earning DEC that gives us the money to buy stuff for our guild. We have designed a ton of other free features simply to attract people in hopes they'll stay loyal and buy cards. What market is used to list has very little to do with what market is used to buy... however we like when people use us to list because then maybe it helps our users that have bids so that we can attempt to win them a contested low price listing for their bid. But also we warn our users that list that they may be listing too low and users who list on our site can see what the bids are for so they usually list at a better price. Users who use other markets are sometimes screwed and make lots of dumb mistakes and our bid users take advantage of that a lot.
If sellers want to list their cards at a lower fee % that can help... while it ends up being less money in our pocket some markets only list cards at 5% thus the listed cards won't be shown on steemmonsters market interface for example and that is probably better for us.

What do you mean "investment" accounts?

i am interested to buy land. don't know yet what i can afford. will know by Monday or Tuesday

K you're in just send over DEC

750K sent

I want to buy 3-4 plots of lands, based on how many cards i can sell to raise dec. I dont care about vote or governance or any other items mentioned above. Please let me know if i qualify, I will send over dec.

You are approved

Regarding Governance, the following two paragraphs are from the Splinterlands post:

Even more important, though, is governance. Each 1,000 plot Region will be similar to a state within a larger country which requires management and oversight. Each Region can provide infrastructure and other services to all of the plots and buildings within it, and may charge fees for use of that infrastructure in order to build and maintain it.

Each plot will count as one vote in any matters of governance for the Region, so if you own a Tract then that would be 10% of the vote, and if you own the whole Region, well, then you can run it however you like!

I interpret that to mean that the basic decision is whether you want an infrastructure heavy region (with concomitant higher taxes) or an infrastructure light region with less taxes. Perhaps you might want to take a poll of users wishing to pool with you.

Personally, I'd prefer more infrastructure even if it meant higher taxes as economies of scale normally make such a choice more lucrative in the long run.

The whole economic aspect will be another game within the game layer that I'm looking forward too. As they already have a card market set up I would think PeakMonsters will be in a strong position to help it's landowning members capitalize on creation and sale of the resources, items, and spells that will be involved with the next expansion. Fun times.

I'm with you on quickly developing the infrastructure within a region. The quicker production can ramp up the better.

Glad to see dome thought being put into this prior to opening up orders. I think in the long run having land within a region controlled by the guild you're a part of would be beneficial, especially if the guild is trying to keep it's user's interested in mind.

With so much left undetermined at this point it's mostly just a way to get a piece of the action at a discount and help the SM crew fund the expansion, similar to the alpha release prior to the game even being playable.

With that all being said, I'm wanting to dip my toes in and grab at least a few plots in the PeakMonsters region as I anticipate the community / guild aspect of the game will take on a much more entertaining role in the future.

If you're accepting smaller amounts I'd like to put 75,000 DEC in for 10 individual plots on this first land sale. My only real question is how would these smaller claims get distributed once the expansion is live? Would the region I'm contributing towards get divided into individual Tract / Plot tokens that get randomly distributed?

I'm interested in 10 plots, I have enough DEC to pay seven right now, but maybe with a GF selling or two would be ok for those 75k DEC. My doubt is, I have time to accumulate those 25k left?, or I need to send them now in order to be in the presale?.

Either way I'm very excited for this decision, IMO is a correct one for the members of the guild and adds some guarantees for peakmonsters users.

PD: I have no problems with the governance, anyways I trust Jarvie's criteria.

Another Exoder in the Peakmonsters region. Excellent!

Yeah, we have good partners and leadership in our guild, if we organize well the lands adquisition could be a huge improvement for peakmonsters. Nice to see you here too 😄.

Have you switched to using different markets... i'm not showing you as using PeakMonsters.com market... seems like you're using other markets.

I've been using peakmonsters, not buying much to tell the truth, I bought a Mimosa using the bidding service a month ago. Also I rent some cards but my volume is little, you can check the stats in our guild of Peakmonsters Champions though I'm very active at it. Only use Splinterlands webpage or Peakmonsters to my adquisitions.

you have made like 5 purchases this last month and 0% have been on peakmonsters ... i show $0.02 of rentals. Is there another account i should be looking at?

Yeah you should be looking at the amount of bots you have in Champs and few active members, if the criteria is only economic (for purchases in the last month) I don't qualify, I get it, if the criteria is to look up for active players you're clearly commiting a mistake here.

Anyways I don't want to argue I'll get those lands with the discount through another user of the guild, ty for your attention.

Interested in knowing what you consider a mistake and why you consider it a mistake.

And yes we should remind our guild members that its a free perk of being a market user. It is likely some guild members don't qualify anymore. We are not against all accounts but have said when a guild fills up that they are only allowed one account there.

With all my respects Jarvie, I consider a mistake to judge the suitability of a player in order to fill the pool only by the purchases that has done in the last month, my account has two years old and I have many transactions through peakmonsters, also I'm an active member of the guild first in All1 and later on in Champs.

The guild success in the lands expansion depends not only of the big budgets but also of people who will develop these lands playing, we have to see yet if bots will make all those tasks properly, IMHO you should consider this if you want a strong guild. BTW there were groups of peakmonsters guild users buying from other pools, this could be a problem for the governance also.

So the way I see it, there are more factors to take in consideration apart of the strictly economic ones.

The pools are already paid for (we aren't looking for assistance in creating a pool) we are just allowing our customers a unique perk... guilds are a perk for our market users as well.

I am interested in 13 land plots at discount of 7500 DEC per plot. The rest is acceptable at the moment. Being a member of the guild, I wonder if I am acceptable as Peakmonsters.com user now.


Appears to me like you switched to using a different market like 4 months ago?
... I show transactions from another market interface recently. Technically that would not make you illegible for the guild either.

I am not heavy trading while I am full time renting my cards. While I remember I had close to 30 rentees in past time, now that number is still shrinking. From time to time I take a cheap card through discount on @monstermarket and it seems to me that you are referring only to that, an activity not big to me.

I can as starter give my word to close those purchases through peakmonsters.com, it will take time for next ones since I do not buy cards often, and discount is not big money to me either. No big deal to me.

Renting market is worry to me as my rented cards are now dropping under 10. Is my current rented cards level acceptable to you, because it had been 30 in the past. I have no influence on rentees weather they accept my offers for renting or not.

Bottom line is I can do in the way you want it. Would you accept me now?


K we'll approve you to participate

I am interested in partaking a purchase of a lot. I am not too concern about governance or how peakmonsters may use its power on the region. Been a long term user of peakmonsters and love the rental system that is in place. I check on it literally daily if not hourly. lol.

You are approved to participate.

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I'm interested in getting involved :)

What account should i check to see if you're a PeakMonsters market user?

I only have this account so feel free to audit me 😁

We show that you have never once used peakmonsters market to buy a card
You do have 16 cards being rented for a total of .06 a day.

I am very interested. I know I'm a small-time user but would definitely like to buy 1 plot at least! I don't have enough liquid dec today but I'm trading some coins to get there so will have it soon enough. I also have some credits I could add to the pool if ou accepting these.

Let me know if these room for a little monster like me :)

Yeah i know it's small time but unlike many others that have tried to jump in you seem to use peakmonsters market consistently (from what i can see)
... So technically you are qualified if you want to join

Whoop whoop!! Definitely keen! Count me in! I await instructions!

instructions are in the post

hahahah great stuff!

Just gathered enough DEC for one plot and sent to @peakpool.

Wondering if you guys will have extra land to sell at discounted rates in future (as in if you bought extra?).

Either way I'm super Excited!!!

Is there an Ethereum address for people pulling DEC out of Uniswap? Thanks!

I'm not sure the question we have an ethereum address we'll be using to pull some DEC out.

So . . . if we could send our DEC to your ETH address, we can send it directly after pulling from Uniswap rather than performing the Kabuki dance (i.e. useless time-consuming operation) of running it through Hive Engine. People would have to identify their ETH address (i.e. mine is 0xe7DE97fE034Ce754F2A294729a8d03356CDE1A3d) but otherwise it should be the same for you.

to be honest the price is the same sending it to splinterlands and then transfering it over... so with that in mind we'd really love it if it was transfered by hive-engine that way we have a document of exactly who and what account and timing comparison of when things were sent.

Because what happens is if we enter the lottery with 3 regions and only 2 win then we have to determine who entered first. First region has already been filled up by just two people. Me and newageinv.

Hello I want in! 75,000 DEC, buying 10 plots? For my @infidel1258 account.

Also I dont have any specific concerns about governance. Please let me participate.

Yep i just checked and you are for sure allowed to participate thanks for being such a great peakmonsters user and glad you like using bids.

One region already paid for... the other coming soon.

What will be cool is if we get a bunch more tracts and an entire region can just be owned solely by peakmonsters users.
Remember first to submit get to choose the region they end up in and if we do a third region and only get 2 in the lottery then those who submitted early will get land and those who submitted late will not.

Right now jarvie is in for at least 6 tracts and newageinv is in for 4 tracts

I would like to get two plots of land.
Governance by Peakmonsters or Jarvie is fine with me.
Thank you for doing this.

That's a good idea.
What will happen to raffle rewards won by your pools, as if someone buy individually they get 1 raffle ticket per 1$ spent. In case of pool all tickets will be yours. So how you plan to distribute that?

Guys, I want in for one Tract. Of course, I'm a satisfied and loyal customer with Tier-5 account on Peakmonster :)

I will be paying with my precious DEC.

Who should I contact? Here on on Discord?

Hello Peakmonster, I'm interested in the land, even though I don't have proper information about the governance model.

Can i pay with Hive instead DEC?

We could probably work that out. What amount you thinking?

5~6 plot