Sanity of Games in the Steem Blockchain, Which to Invest?


There are two types of people who dwells in this sort of topic: Gamers and Investors

Some people like to play the games for the sake of playing the game, and do not mind spending even real money for it. It has been a trend on mobile games especially from China (Chinese kids and millennials) were kids hire people to play their game for rankings, or they buy over high ranking accounts for their gaming entertainment.


But on the Steem blockchain, I am pretty much torn with the 2 games that is pretty much interesting enough that brings returns while playing it.

And of course, the one that is already in their A game would be - Splinterlands

But the underdog that is slowly rising, the Steemcity, is improving, and gamifying further since I am now one of the slightly later, but still considered beta adopters finding this strategy game is interesting; however if terms of investments it is a little more expensive than Splinterlands by approximately 1 Steem each (according to today's price check for $2 USD is almost 15 Steem);


furthermore the marketplace at steemcity is ridiculously over pricing certain cards that cost way too much for any new gamer or on-border to adopt; except when you have too much dough laying around doing nothing...


Who would be insane enough to buy a $137,160 worth of Garbage Dump??

Mafias? Money laundering services? Corruption?


But you can see this not only just a numbers game to build the best city the fastest; but it has become a place for corrupting minds of insane people who overthinks about buy low, sell high

Maybe this guy invest 1m steem for this game and wants his / her money back....

Sounds rather familiar scenario of the recent drama , isn't it?


After looking at the insane market price in the Steemcity, I ran back to Splinterlands for some logic (though sometimes frustrating) battles, and though the rewards aren't always the best, at least it is not a frustration game for those who doesn't have the money to play with.


Besides, my sanity still kept in check knowing that if I keep in this league, I will be able to at least (hopefully) get some decent rewards when the time comes.

Maybe an orb for once?

Who knows? Only total randomness of the system will tell.

Bottom line of my findings, it is still up to your preferences.

If you are wealthy and into the money race game for that stake pool prize and do not mind wasting your steem just to race to the top 10 in order to benefit from the reward pool, go for steemcity. It's a place where tokens are not their way to put food on the table.

Or you may just want a slow and steady less dramatised game and just come back to check once a day, steemcity could be it

But if you are time in your hands and are looking for some strategising nerve in your brain, splinterlands could be your nice spot; and if you have the money to flaunt with it as investments, probably you might just go and wipe up (in Malay we call it sapu semua) the cards that you find useful and rent out to desperate players for passive income.

Either way, it's a (money) game; just don't let it burn yourself

where you invest more than you can bargain

Conclusion: From my analysis if coming from totally no aid at all...

Fiat Investment$10 USD$10 USD
What you getFull Beta / Untamed experience18 wild cards
Do you own them?NoYes
Can you start earning?Yes, through battlesDepends
Token to earnDECSIM
Cards sellable?No for starter packYes
Yes for rewards card
Cards sold in market asSteem / SBD / DECAny Steem Engine Token
Time consumingYes, sometimesNo
Unless shopping in market
UI experience?Good on PCBoth mobile and PC ok
Graphics?Quite nice and creativeSimple but Cute icons

The table above are some of the questions I asked myself after observing the two games, and have come to a conclusion that if you are not in real need of steem as a commodity to put food on the table, sure why not, you can always play around it until you start earning something you prefer.

For a busy person:
You might look at Steemcity as a more ideal choice, but you got to be willing to chance your way for the cards you need for an optimal city that generates income.

I for sure know that there will be more challenging options for the Steemcity game where you would probably need to invest all your earned SIM to it, but if you are a legit staunch anarchist who doesn't like taxes, then you might not feel welcoming of the possible upgrades later.

Otherwise, both games are still entertaining.

Until Then

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I most def like them both. I got lucky yesterday while buying cards. I spent maybe 20 steem (less than $2.50 USD?) and it was all blogging earnings $$. I got some really cool cards and am not ranked in top 200. I am 120 to be precise and if I can grow my city by 2 apartment buildings than I will be top 100 and earning steem. Sounds good.

Splinterlands is a LOT bigger time commitment, but i've amassed over $300 worth of cards and used my DEC earnings (when they were higher) to invest in other tribes. Actually just yesterday I used some DEC to purchase dblog tokens so I could be eligible for an airdrop.
I enjoy using my blogging earnings to diversify within the blockchain. Maybe soon I will be able to move some of those investments off chain.

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That's pretty awesome @metzli that you pretty much got the right cards you wanted.
I wish you all the best on your on-growing of your investments.

So far every tokens earned for a reason and not particularly for gamifying, but for community empowering so if there are ways to expand it there's always a way to look into it.

And yes, splinterlands does take a lot of time the higher you go.

Be blessed and stay healthy!

Thanks for sharing your valuable comments.


I LOVE collecting tokens. The last one I collected was dblog, 8000+ of those.

It feels like buying lottery tickets. Even if some of those tickets will just pay face value.

My Marlians vote is like 50 marlians, and although the price keeps going down, I keep getting so many of them that the value of my investment stays the same.

I ranked 113 in steem city today. I am gonna stop myself from buying new cards now (ive been saying that for a few days now... lol)