Splinterlands Art Contest / Week 121 / NECTAR QUEEN

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This is my entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest / Week 121

This is the finished art

Nectar Queen 5.jpeg

Unlike most queen bees, Nectar Queens like to get out of the nest and get their Proboscis dirty. Fortunately, you can hear one coming long before it reaches you. Unfortunately, they have a real taste for blood.

Below you can see the process:

Nectar Queen 1.jpeg

Nectar Queen 2.jpeg

Nectar Queen 3.jpeg

Nectar Queen 4.jpeg


I was at home with nothing to do and I took a sheet from my notebook and started making a drawing of @splinterlands , to pass the time. He's an amateur, but I decided to post.

This is my first drawing to enter the Splinterlands Art contest. I was embarrassed to post, since many drawings are great and mine not so much. But what matters is to participate.

I hope the Splinterlands team likes it.

Maybe I can draw more and post it for you. I still hope to win some gift from Splinterlands. Se não, fico como experiencia.

If you liked it, feel free to like, comment and share.

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Thank you all!


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Éhhh, esse zangão é violento.


Thanks boy. Veremos se minha abelhinha será bem vista para o pódio do concurso.

You done great
Good luck for the contest!

Hope to see your more drawings in future

Nice Art!

Thank you very much @janaliana :)

@carlosro You welcome :)