Splinterlands's Share Your Battle Contest Joining Post. Mushroom Seer.

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Hi Everyone.

How are you all doing?

I hope that You all are doing well by the grace of ALLAH.

Today, I'm back again among you to share another one of my amazing splinterlands battles.


In this post, I'm going to share a ranked battle of SPLINTERLANDS played by me using The Earth Summoner and the cards in it. In this match, I've used a special monster which players under The Earth Splinter. The name of this monster is Mushroom Seer. This monster is going to be the main topic of this post.

Mushroom Seer

The Mushroom Seer is a rare earth monster with the ability to damage with a magic attack. This monster is a reward card. This card cost 5 mana caps to use in battles. It's the slow speed of this card that makes it a little bit weaker. But, the SILENCE ability of this card is what makes it extremely dangerous against any magic attacking monster. And in level 5 this card also gets another ability called poison this one makes this card dangerous to not only the magic attacking monster, but also to any monster coming in its way.

Mushroom Seer (2).png




ability_poison (1).png

Explanation about this card from SPLINTERLANDS.

The hidden Mushroom Forest at the heart of the Centauri Wood has produced many curiosities in the past, including medicines with strange and otherworldly effects. Recently, fully grown mushrooms People have emerged from this forest. These Mushroom People spread maddening spores everywhere they go.


Before I go to the main topic of my today's content, I'd like to inform you about something amazing. Through this amazing thing is ongoing in this blockchain for more than 2 years maybe and I'm a part of it for 1.5 years. So, it's not something new but I think there's still someone who doesn't know about it or isn't a part of it yet.

This amazing thing is the ongoing contest of splinterlands. By now I guess most of you know what SPLINTERLANDS is. It's an online card game. Though it's not only a game, in here you can earn by playing, trade by buying and selling. You will also get amazing rewards in the daily quests and also in season-ending quests. This is one of the best card games that I've ever played. The fun thing is, there's a lot of cards/monsters to use in battle. And when I say a lot, I mean it. And all of them have their own specialty, separate types of powers and so many types of special abilities. There are even some summoners under those the cards play. These summoners also have their own ability which affects the battlefield. This is really amazing. This gives you the chance to think of hundreds of strategies for your battle. Believe me, once you start playing this game you'll fall in love with it.

All of these are my personal opinion about @splinterlands and their contest. And if you find it interesting, you are welcome to join SPLINTERLANDS. I'm also putting my referral link to make it easy for you to join if you want.

My Referral Link To Splinterlands


And my today's post is to join this week's contest of share your battle arranged by the @splinterlands team. To join this contest you'll need to create a post where you'll need to share a battle of yours which you should play by the rules that are given in the contest. You'll also need to answer some of the questions that @splinterlands asked in the announcement post of the contest. And this week's rule is you'll need to use an Earth Monster named The Mushroom Seer in your battle and share it with everyone. After creating your post and posting it on this blockchain, you'll need to share it on any social media and put both your post link and the link from the social media on the comment section of the announcement post of this week's contest. You'll need to follow up on these things to perfectly join this amazing contest. I'm also putting the link to this week's contest below in case you want to join it.

Link To The Contest:

Now, it's time to share my battle with you.

My Battle


My Battle Link:


My Lineup:

Screenshot (822).png


I used the UNICORN MUSTANG in the first place because of its super-strong life ability. Having 11 life levels is really amazing. Also, the melee attacking ability and super speed of this card makes it stronger.

Unicorn Mustang.png

This monster has another ability that makes it stronger against magic attacking monsters named void. It also gets two more amazing ability in higher level named Magic Reflect & Piercing.


ability_void (1).png


ability_magic-reflect (1).png


ability_piercing (1).png


And then I've used The Horny Toad in the second position. The reach ability of this card helps it to attack from the second position. Also, it costs only 3 mana caps to use in battles.
Horny Toad.png
It also gets another ability named poison at level 5.


ability_reach (2).png


ability_poison (1).png

Khmer Princess

First of all, the main reason for using this monster is it costs only 2 mana caps and has magic attacking ability. You already know that magic monsters can attack from any position. So it can also attack from the third position
Khmer Princess.png
At level 4 it gets tank heal ability and triage ability. Which is really cool for a card that costs only 2 mana caps.

Tank Heal

ability_tank-heal (2).png



Goblin Thief

The Goblin Thief is a common untamed card that plays under the earth summoner. I've used it in my battle because it costs only 4 mana cap and has 2 melee damage ability including the sneak ability. It's the sneak ability of me using this card.

Goblin Thief (1).png

This sneak ability helps it to attack the enemy from the back and take down the enemy standing at the back.


ability_sneak (6).png

Mushroom Seer

And then I've used the theme card of this week's contest. The Mushroom Seer. The magic attacking ability of this card helps it to attack the enemy monster from anywhere in the lineup or from any position. Front, middle, rare, doesn't make any change. And I've already told you about the ability of this card at the starting of my post. So, let's get on to the next monster.

Mushroom Seer (2).png

Earth Elemental

The Earth Elemental is a rare monster that plays under the earth splinter. This monster has the ranged attacking ability. It also gets healing ability at a higher level. Now, I've used it in the last position because it has a high life level. It'll be strong enough to hold the sneak attacks coming from the back.

Earth Elemental (1).png


ability_heal (2).png

So, this was all about my lineup and the reasons for putting each card in their position.

My strategy was, my first and last card will hold and attack the enemy monsters and in that time my other monsters with magic and sneak ability will finish the enemy monsters. And here, The Mushroom Seer helped a lot. Mushroom Seer can decrease the magic attacking ability of the enemy monsters with the help of its silence ability. But the opponent didn't use any monsters with magic ability. But it doesn't matter though. My strategy worked successfully and I've won the match.

Screenshot (823).png

Screenshot (824).png

I really hope that you enjoyed reading my post and also enjoyed my battle. And as always it felt good to share my opinion about something with everyone. I'll be back among you all soon with another battle of mine to share it. So, stay tuned guys.
See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay healthy. Take care.

Thank you for your precious time to read my post.


Nice play.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well, you've actually done a fantastic job with the post.
I really liked your thumbnail.
And you did quite nicely on the battlefield as well.
I'm just suggesting you use the monster pictures in a smaller size.

Keep on battling.

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