Drawing Instructional Material To Facilitate The Topic 'HIV/AIDS' For Grade 7

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Hello hivans, teaching Is my profession; I decided to bring the topic for week 7 second term. Due to coronavirus pandemic, this topic would have been taught since third or fourth week of February 2021.
Class: grade 7 or Junior Secondary School 1
Age: 11-13
Subject: Basic Science
Lesson Tittle: HIV/AIDS
Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to
• Explain the meaning of HIV/AIDS
• Identify the mode of transmission
• List how HIV/AIDS can be prevented
• Care and support for people living with HIV/AID
Key vocabulary words and the meaning:-
Immunodeficiency means the body can not protect itself against diseases
Acquired- not hereditary
Immune- defense
Deficiency- the break down of immune system
Syndrome- a collection of symptoms and signs
Transfusion- transferring of blood

Research posited that the origin of HIV came from West Africa as a result of high number of chimpanzee in the early 19 century. It was believed that certain virus from chimpanzee was transferred to human being during hunting. Due to lack of knowledge about this particular virus, the virus kept spreading from one person to another, and then to othe countries across the world.
HIV/AIDS have killed millions of people across the world and millions of people are living with this virus today. There's no cure for HIV/AIDS. Therefore, Scientists are working hard to provide cure for this deadly disease. Scientists have provided Anti-retroviral drugs that can only suppressed the virus but can not cure it. Drugs have be produced to help someone with HIV/AIDS healthy and leave longer.

Meaning of HIV/AIDS: HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Virus is a microscopic organism which can not be seen by human eyes except by microscopic. Once someone is infected, the virus start destroying component of immune system called white blood cells which are found in the blood. When the defense system can not longer resist diseases, the infected person becomes seriously sick and he is said to have AIDS.
It takes long time for HIV to turn to AIDS, and this is possible when the person did not go for HIV test. This is the reason we all need need to do HIV test so that we can know our status. And HIV positive can stay more than 20 years, if he knows his status and follows what HIV/AIDS Councillor says.
AIDS simply means
I- Immune

• During sexual intercourse: having unprotected sex during sexual intercourse is a risk behavior that can make the other partner got infected. Unprotected sex also lead to other sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, genital herpes, chancroid and so on. Using mouth to lick Virgina or penis can be a risk factor because fluids secreted in Virgina and penis have high percentage of HIV virus.
• During blood transfusion: this is the reason, no matter how urgency the person needs blood; the blood must be screen because HIV is not written on the forehead. An HIV positive person can be healthier than someone who does not. Before any blood must be transfused, it must be screened. Avoid using hand to touch injured areas by another person. Do not bite your fellow, During the process, you can swallow his blood which may be another risk factor.
• From infected mother to her baby through breast feeding or child birth: Infected mother can transfer the virus to her baby during breast feeding because the virus is secreted in the fluids suck as breast milk, sperm, blood and vagina fluids. Infected mother will automatically transfer the virus to her baby if she breast feed him/her. Therefore, infected mother don't breast feeding her baby.
This virus can also be transferred through separation of umbilical cord of the baby from the mother during childbearing.
•Using sharp objects that have been used by people who are infected with HIV: It is advice able to not use any sharp objects using by another person, since you don't know the HIV status of that person. Sharp objects like clipper, razor blades, needles, syringe, etc. People have been infected through these sharp objects across the world.

• Abstain from sex: this is simply means do not have sex.
• Use of condoms: using condoms will not only protect you from HIV but also venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
• Proper screening of blood before transfusion: blood should be properly screen.
• Age maturity before engaging in sex: you need to reach maturity age before sex.

These people need our care, don't stigmatize. Embrace them, don't let them feel like they are rejected. Show love, respect and support; provide a home where there's peace, rest, love me acceptance; make them to eat balance diet; pay regular visit; encourage them to get treatment if they sick; help them to reduce stress and know the facts about HIV/AIDS and talking openly about the disease.







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