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Welcome back to my another splinterlands post. @splinterlands organizes the Weekly Battle Challenge in every week. I appreciate this very much. In this purpose I could bought new cards every week. This time it was "SILVERSHIELD BARD".

  • In this post, I'll share my winning Battle Using Weekly Challenge Card "SILVERSHIELD BARD".

  • If you want to take a place in this weekly battle challenge, go to this post Here. You will find out the way of participate in weekly battle challenge.

  • Share a battle using the theme card "SILVERSHIELD BARD".

  • You can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.
    Link Of The Match

But before I share the Battle with you, let's talk about the Monster "SILVERSHIELD BARD".

Silvershield Bard.png

Edition: PROMO (ORB)
Rarity: RARE
Element: LIFE

Bards of the Silver Shield have extremely loud voices, and they are not afraid to use them. In battle, the a Bard’s song can unify and hasten a team, and their maximum volume has the power to scare away possessing spirits. In the University of Illumination, these musical enthusiasts are trained and ingrained for years in the official sanctioned Lore of the Silver Shield. What they lack in vocal talent, the Bards make up for in storytelling, humor and wit.Source


Screenshot (387).png

At level one, the "SILVERSHIELD BARD" comes with no attack power, 2 Speed, 1 Health and "Cleanse" ability.

It cost only 01 mana to use.

Screenshot (388).png

As you can see, this card can be upgraded to level 08 which need a total of 115 cards. At level 08, the "SILVERSHIELD BARD" comes with 2 Melee attack, 4 Speed, 3 Health with "Cleanse" and "Swiftness" ability.

  • "Cleanse" : Removes all negative effects on the Monster in the first position on the friendly team.

  • "Swiftness" : All friendly Monsters have increased Speed.

I didn't have this card. Hearing this, my friend @ashiqstd gave me this card as a gift. Thank You My Friend.

About The LineUp:

Screenshot (352).png

  • For this match mana cap was 29.
  • And played with the "Knock Out" rule.

Screenshot (349).png

I was using my LIFE Summoner "TYRUS PALADIUM" along with "CLAY GOLEM" in level 1, "LUMINOUS EAGLE" in level 1, "CAVE SLUG" in level 1, "DIVINE HEALER" in level 1, "LONE BOATMAN" in level 1, "SILVERSHIELD BARD" in level 1.

Now Let Me introduced you with The Cards I have Used In The Battle.


Tyrus Paladium (1).png

A Khymerian prophecy says that a chosen hero will rise from humble beginnings to wield the Silver Shield and the Silver Sword, uniting the world against evil. Whispers in Khymeria say that Tyrus Paladium, the talented summoner who began as a fisherman is that chosen hero.Source

It cost 03 mana cap and has the ability to increase +1 Armor of every Friendly monsters.


Clay Golem.png

The "CLAY GOLEM" is a Rare Life monster which has the "Void" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

3 Melee attack,
1 Speed,
7 Health.

The "CLAY GOLEM" lived in the caves of Crystal peak and they are nearly indestructible. They are very damageable because of their 3 Melee attack power. These monsters are resistance to magic attack. With the help of "Void" ability, this monster can get less damage from magic attack monsters.

It cost only 06 mana to use in the battle.


Luminous Eagle.png

"LUMINOUS EAGLE" is a RARE Life monster which has the "Flying" and "Reach" ability. At level 1 this monster comes with,

2 Melee attack,
3 Speed,
5 Health.

"LUMINOUS EAGLE" is a monster which I never imagine that this monster can become dangerous like todays battle. But it was obvious, with "Flying" ability and 3 speed, this monster has a high chance of evading enemy monster's attack."Reach" ability help this monster to attack from the second position thought it is a Melee attack monster.

It cost only 06 mana to use in the battle.


Cave Slug.png

"CAVE SLUG" is a COMMON Life monster which has the "opportunity" ability. At level 1 this monster comes with,

2 Melee attack,
1 Speed,
4 Health.

"CAVE SLUG" is one of the most well-known hideous cave monstrosities which hides in plain sight and devours victims quite quickly. Yes this monster damage 2 health each time hits on a enemy monster. With "opportunity" ability, this monster work very well in the battle field.

It cost only 05 mana to use in the battle.


Lone Boatman (1).png

"LONE BOATMAN" is a COMMON Life monster which has the "Snipe" ability. At level 1 this monster comes with,

2 Melee attack,
2 Speed,
3 Health and 1 Armor.

"LONE BOATMAN" are the only Khymians to live consistently outside the mountain walls. This monster with it's "Snipe" ability, start hitting on the Magic or Ranged attack monsters first. And yeah that's really help a lot in battle field.

It cost only 05 mana to use in the battle.


Silvershield Bard.png

"SILVERSHIELD BARD" is a RARE Life monster which has the "Cleanse" ability. At level 1 this monster has no attack power but it is a Melee attack power monster. From level 2 this monster has attack power.

It cost only 01 mana to use in the battle.

Here Is Some Screen Shots Of The Battle:

Screenshot (351).png

As per the battle rule we could only use the Life summoners. So I used my LIFE Summoner "TYRUS PALADIUM" which has the ability to add +2 armor of all friendly monsters.

On the other hand my opponent was using LIFE Summoner "MOTHER KHALA" which has the ability to add +1 health of all friendly monsters.

Screenshot (353).png

Screenshot (354).png

Screenshot (356).png

Opponent was using a monster named "SHIELDBEARER" which has a very unique ability called "Taunt" ability. As a result all my monsters, doesn't matter what ability it has, started to hit "SHIELDBEARER" one by one. And with 6 Armor, 10 health, this monster can deal a lot of damage.

Opponent's all monster's accept "CAVE SLUG" hit hard on my "CLAY GOLEM". Thanks to "TYRUS PALADIUM", whose extra Armor helped "CLAY GOLEM" to survive after all those hits from enemy monsters. Then my "Divine Healer" with the help of it's "Heal" ability, healed "CLAY GOLEM" with 2 Health.

Screenshot (362).png

Screenshot (364).png

At round 2, I lost 2 of my monsters. one is "CLAY GOLEM" and another one is "SILVERSHIELD BARD". I was very worried that time because all the enemy monster was with full health as all my monsters was hitting "SHIELDBEARER".

Screenshot (385).png

Screenshot (378).png

Screenshot (375).png

Screenshot (390).png

The outstanding performance from my "LUMINOUS EAGLE" in this battle will be unforgettable to me. If there wasn't this monster, I would have lost the battle. From round 2 to round 7, "LUMINOUS EAGLE" dodge total 10 hit's from enemy monsters. Yes, you heard it right. in total 10 hits dodge by this monster. And by that time my "LONE BOATMAN" with "Snipe" ability and "CAVE SLUG" with "Opportunity" ability combined togather and killed all the enemy monsters one by one.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (384).png

As I won this match, I got 1.077 Dec and +72 League Rating.


Is It Worth Using "SILVERSHIELD BARD" In A Battle?

  • In this battle, honestly my "SILVERSHIELD BARD" get zero value. without any attack power this monster was waste in such a battle. But if you are a high level player in splinterlands then this monster is a real Gem for you.

  • "SILVERSHIELD BARD" has "Cleanse" ability. This ability remove all the negative effects on the first position. There is a lot of negative effect abilities. Some of them are :

When a Monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a chance of applying Affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed.

Attacks have a chance to apply poison, which does automatic damage to the target at the beginning of each round after the poison is applied.

"SILVERSHIELD BARD" can remove all these negative effect from first positions monster each and every round. In that case this monster is worth using in a battle in my opinion.


That's all for today.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

In this battle, honestly my "SILVERSHIELD BARD" get zero value
That means you didn't understand her power.
With her "Cleanse" ability she can cleanse any negative powers on your front monster although you didn't need that on this battle.
Well done man.

Keep on battling.