My Drawing of The SPINEBACK WOLF.

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Hi There.

How are you all doing? I hope that you all are just doing fine. Today, I'm back again among you all to share another one of my artwork. This one is to join the weekly art contest of SPLINTERLANDS arranged by the @splinterlands team.

Today, I drawn a death monster named The Spineback Wolf. There are many contests going on in splinterlands. I've already talked about the art contest and the social media contest. But there's another one, the battle-sharing contest. It's called the "Share Your Battle Challange." So, this week's contest theme was, that one has to play a battle using The Spineback Wolf and write a post describing it including his lineup and battle strategy. I've told in my previous post that I'm not in splinterlands, I got to know about this game from my brother who is a player of splinterlands and he plays as @sazzad-sm. That's why I'm not being able to share any battle also I'm not so good at playing video gaming. Though I've learned something about this game by watching my brother. It would be better if I had an account. But for now, I'm going to share my art only. Cause I'm better at doing it. And I'm submitting this work to be a part of the art contest of this week arranged by splinterlands. And by sharing this post also on some social media I'm taking a part also in the social media sharing contest. Also, I'd like to thank the whole SPLINTERLANDS team to create this great opportunity for us by arranging these contests.

My Artwork


Original Image of The Card.

SpineBack Wolf

Spineback Wolf (1).png
To draw this image I used watercolor, offset paper, a marker, and a medium-sized brush. Actually, I also needed a small-sized brush to complete this drawing. It was needed to draw the sharp and thick lines. You may have noticed that I kind of messed up the white shades. I could've made them perfect if only I had the brush. But, I don't know why, but it wasn't there where I used to keep it. It's been missing for 3 days. I'm giving the steps of my work below. I hope that you'll like them.

  • 1
    Drawing The Border Using A 4B Pencil.
  • 2 It becomes easier when you start with the difficult and parts that are not similar to the whole drawing. That's why I started with the spines.


  • 3 After that, I started to draw the body of the wolf.


  • 4 The last and the final step.

Normal Click


Captured With Flash On

That is all for today guys. I hope that you've liked my work. Sooner I'll be back with another one of my artwork.

If you are feeling interested to join in the contests you can follow the links that I've given below.

Art Contest

Social Media Challenge

Share Your Battle Challange

Thanks a Lot For You Time.



Thanks a lot for your inspiring opinion.

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Excellent work, keep it up.

Thanks a lot, bro.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey sis... you're doing very well.
I'm happy to see you started drawing for splinterlands.
Your drawing on Spineback Wolf looks awesome.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the support and mostly thank you for your inspiring comment

My pleasure, sister.

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