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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine i am here with another post of Splinterlands in which i am going to share the quest rewards of today and a card from the fire splinter that I got from the quest.


Dark Eternals despise light, so in their astronomy they look to what they call “the darkness between the stars.” They believe astral bodies known as Dark Stars are the only true source of darkness. Dark Eternals also believe that they each will, upon full realization of the Dark Reality, be delivered home to those stars, to the roots of all darkness. Read more

This seems a good monster from the death family that you can get from the packs opening to give you the range attack that you can use in your battle line up. However, the mana of this monster is only 4 which means that you can get benefit from this monster in both ruleset like high mana and little league ruleset to use this monster and adjust your mana cap using this monster to give you a nice range attack up to 3 when you make it max.



Well, recently in the last season i got a pack from the quest rewards that i opened and got these cards including one rare monster the dark astronomer that i shared above in this post and also got some common cards like cave slug the opportunity monster with nice melee attack when you upgrade it to further level where it will start scavenging to gain one extra life when a monster dies.



Well, here is the quest rewards that i got in the last season and did not shared with you guys so today i am sharing it because i did not complete the current quest so that is the reason of sharing these rewards which includes only dec tokens and one untamed pack along with two potion charges. i did not remembebr if i shared these rewards and also i claimed the season end rewards yesterday without getting something good from it only rare and common cards with potions and dec tokens so i did not save it because i don't wanna share it but soon i will share something good that i got from the quest rewards.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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