Splinterlands art contest - Digital art of Dragon spirit

in Nerday3 months ago

Hi Everyone...
I made an artwork which is an entry for the splinterlands art contest by @splinterlands , this is my own creation inspired by dragon spirit. I picked my own colours, added and removed few things to make it look exactly how I wanted.


Materials used
Adobe illustrator
No digital tablet, I basically draw with my mouse.

I started with a random sketch of what came to mind when I saw the dragon spirit card. I didn't do any line work, I just draw and fill automatically.


I used different gradients to add multiple colours to the every part of the dragon, I used the plastic wrap, splatter and other effects to give it a different look.



I drew the wings/feathers and added a three ended fork-like object at the end, this will come in handy when it's time to fight.
I also added fire in its mouth and other parts and worked on the background.

This is the final image and I hope you like it


Have a wonderful day/night