Flower Pixie - For Splinterlands Art Contest.

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Flower Pixie - For Splinterlands Art Contest.

I'm joining again another week of splinterlands art contest with this art post.
Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 128.

Here I present you "Flower Pixie".


Flower Pixie is my proposal monster that I drew for splinterlands earth splinter. I took the idea of the fairy from here which is a pencil sketch then I drew it and added the butterflies and flowers on my own.


I drew the entire pencil sketch at first where I drew the fairy and a butterfly and I also added some shading with pencil.

1 (1).jpg

Then I started coloring it with sign pen color where I colored the wing of the fairy at first.

1 (2).jpg

Then I colored the body of the fairy and the butterfly. And added some more butterflies.

1 (3).jpg

Then I added and colored more butterflies and some flowers and then with my finishing touch, I've completed the drawing.


After I gave finishing touch on the drawing, it gave this final look.

Then I got a nice finishing.

That's it.


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Well done.
I like how you worked on the theme, how you added more things around the fairy.
Flower Pixie seems cool.
Keep up the good work.