The small but powerful living spark - Spark Pixies

Hey Splinterlanders!

How are your battles going on? Well at these crucial times of Corona Virus spreading around the world, playing SM is a great way to spend your time in this lockdown period.

Anyways, This week we have got themed with another untamed monster SPARK PIXIES. Don't underestimate them, although they are pixies, beware, they have got speed.

You can read more about this week's challenge on Splinterlands official post by visiting the following link.

SPARK PIXIES is a RARE rarity untamed edition monster that lies under the fire deck. It has Flying and Stun Abilities at level 5. It has 2 ranged attacks but 6 speed which makes it faster.

I've added the screenshot of my battle and you can also find a link to watch my battle below.


Watch the Battle

What was my Lineup?

It was a 14 mana battle with Healed Out rulesets, I'll explain each monster used in the battle below.

So, let's move forward.

I went with Malric Inferno Fire Summoner, it gives +1 melee attack to all friendly monsters. This summoner is my favorite for some rulesets when melee can attack from any position and melee got sneak ability.

My first monster was Cerberus, I used it as a tank, although ruleset was healed out, I wanted to take advantage of its retaliate ability. It also has good health of 7 HP and got 4 melee attacks after summoners' buffs.

In the second place, I used the neutral Furious Chicken level 2. I usually place chicken at 2nd position or at the last one. This time I put it on 2nd so my opponent can waste their snipe attacks on it. Here's a tip for you, I didn't upgrade my chicken beyond level 2 because it at level 3 it gets a melee attack, but when there's a monster with no attack at 2nd place, monsters with snipe ability can attack them. So placing chicken at that place won't harm you.

The third position was covered with Spark Pixies. I like its 6 speed and its stun ability. If a monster is stunned, it can't attack until the next round. So spark pixies having 6 speed has a high chance of stunning its opponent.

Next, I used level 6 Kobold Miner, it's a sneaker with a melee attack. It helped me to destruct my opponent's backline.

Lastly, I filled up the remaining 1 mana with the neutral Creeping Ooze. I wanted to slow down my opponent's monsters so my pixies can do their work and it worked too. Pixies got the chance to attack first.

Did your strategy work?

Yes, my lineup worked and gave me a sweet win. As per my planning, Spark Pixies attacked first and killed the Exploding Dwarf. My opponent wanted to give me maximum damage with exploding dwarf and he used a monster with swiftness ability so that it can attack first but with spark pixies attacking first killed exploding dwarf in the first go.

Do you use SPARK PIXIES often?

Nope. I haven't used it before as I haven't yet leveled up some of my untamed monsters. However, I would love to play with Pixies from now on and I can see as it has 4 Mana cost so I can use them in Little league too.

That's all for now. See you at Battle Field.

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Nice idea stickin the chicken in 2nd. I mean, this time nothing really happened... but still.

And yes, many people LOVE this card for Little League and for Earthquake (cause of flying).
I think it's awesome how fast it is!

Nice battle.The enemy took a gamble by placing Exploding Dwarf upfront. But the gamble never worked.

Nice to see your Spark Pixies having stun ability.