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For Sale: Steam Game Keys (HumbleBundle Leftovers) For Cheap

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Store Reopening!

Hi all. If you follow my blog @ahmadmanga, you know that I'm a big gaming nerd! I used to buy many Humble Bundles a few years ago, and I still haven't finished playing all the games I redeemed. Since my gaming time keeps plummeting, I still have a lot of unredeemed games in my bundle library.


So, I'm selling the ones I don't need!

Some games below are ones that I might redeem myself if I finished enough games from my backlog, but recently I'm not gaming on PC that much.

This is something I used to do back on Steem, but since I migrated into #HIVE, I never had the time and circumstances for to do it again. Now, I can access the internet more consistently, I believe now is the perfect time to go back to this!

Accepted Cryptocurrencies/Tokens:
HIVE & HBD and some CryptoCurrencies like #LTC #ETH and #BCH.
I also Hive-engine tokens with strong communities: #DEC #SPT #LEO #LIST #BATTLE!

If you're new to my posts check below the games for "How it works?" section. Currently, I only sell manually, but I'm looking for ways to automate this!

List of Games:

I divided the games into 3 sections. Hive Value section are the games that I sell for more than $2 and they're usually AAA titles. Medium Cost are around $1 to $1.5. Cheap Games worth around $0.5. My Prices vary for each game but they're mostly cheaper than the prices these games are sold at in third party sites.


High Value



Medium Cost



Cheap Games


How does it work?

  • Check the games I have above and if you're interested in any:
  • Contact me. You can comment below on HIVE. Send me a tweet @ahmadmanga. Chat me on Discord if we're on the same server.
  • Add me on steam. My Steam Profile Link We can talk on another platform but I need to know your Steam name!
  • We have a chat and decide on the price of the game for your preferred Cryptocurrency/Token.
  • There we will make our deal, don't pay before we both agree on the price.

If you know a service that could help me automate this, please let me know.

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