At last I reached the Champion-I league in the last moment.

in hive-13323 •  13 days ago 

Greetings friends!


Friends! I have secured the Champion-II in the last two seasons. I was desperate to enter into the Champion-I but, luck was not going on in my favor. Many times I selected wrong cards and the wrong team formation cost me many battles which otherwise could have been won. I invested a lot to upgrade my team and I am happy that I have been able to do something positive towards my goal.

Price of DEC was low a few days ago and so as the price fo the cards. So, it was a great opportunity for us to get advantage of the price drop. I bought many legendary and other cards in a cheap rate and stregthen my army. I am planning to invest more so that in the upcoming season I may win matches easily. How had been your season? Feel free to post comments here.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Yeah! sure! thank you!