I am planning to sell all my Splinterlands cards!


Greetings friends!


I purchased the starting packs of Steemmonsters when it was just launched in 2018. I only started playing since January 2020. So, far my journey has been satisfactory for me. I gradually rose to the higher level and even got Champion-I position in the last two seasons. No doubt, I enjoyed the game and even developed kinda addiction of this game. I had purchased cards worth a few hundred dollars and always tried to enhance the level of my cards. I had been successful in this endeavor. But, now I am getting bored and getting no inspiration from the gameplay. Rewards are also not encouraging. I am getting low quality cards, potions and small amount of DEC as rewards. I know I can never be a millionaire by simply playing this game but, rewards encourages and keep the inner fire intact. So, this is not very encouraging. But, this is not the single reason behind my decision to sell all of my stake on Splinterlands. Boredom is the main reason and also I am not finding enough time to continue daily quests and engage in battles to get a position to get healthy 'end of the season' rewards.

So, I am thinking of selling all my cards. If you are willing for buying the same, you can directly contact me.

Thank you!