Is this a joke?

in Splinterlands2 months ago

Greetings friends!

I am a regular player of Splinterlands. I like this game too much. So, I have invested considerable amount to buy and upgrade cards. I sometimes have got a few good rewards but, I am seeing that for many days, I am not getting anything worthy from Splinterlands as rewards for completing daily quests and even the end of the season rewards had been disappointing for me. You can see in this screenshot of the recent rewards which I got today for completing daily quest:



As you can see in the above screenshots, I got only two cards which are not valuable at all and other rewards were a few potions and little bit DEC. Isn't it a joke with me? I am really very disappointed with such a kind of reward. This is very disheartening and I am very upset with it.

I would like to the team of Splinterlands to consider this matter. Whould they bother themselves to answer?

Thanking in positive anticipation.

It is apparent how disturbing. Also disturbing is that @Splinterlands is not reacting at all to appeals. All so disturbing.


Yes, I have invested around 100 bucks during this week but, I got nothing special from splinterlands for compeling quests. I want some varity in cards which are distributed as rewards.

You get better rewards than most of us. If the rare rewards become common, what will you think the price of them will become. Will they become like the bad cards you get? I mainly get only 70 DEC total from my daily quest and I am in Champion.

There are other rare cards as well. I don't want rare and epic cards everytime but, what if one is getting 'barking spider' or 'etin' everytime? Even there are some great common cards but, they are hardly distributed.