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On a dark and hazy in night in the western foothills of the Seed Mountains, a quite uncommon outfit of criminals was gathered. The biggest of the freaks was the Stone Golem, leaning back apathetically against a rock. Finding a Stone Golem among such evildoers and scallywags was uncommon in itself, however this one was the pioneer of the activity. His name was Rubin. Unobtrusively, he went over the arrangement in his brain and studied his team.


The Goblin triplets were playing a Gobson dice game by the light of a flame. "No lights," Rubin said basically, and the flame went out. By one way or another, the dice game appeared to proceed. Dreeg the Centaur was situated, honing his pointed stones individually with blinding rate. The Pixie was no place to be seen, however that was to be expected; she was uniquely about an inch tall. A portion of the others had asked Rubin for what good reason he required a Pixie in his group. He had not tried noting them.

The two Lyverian Humans were tasting tea together. Rubin could hear their slurping in the midst of the screeching of the pigs. They were pulling pigs, reared for power. Ideally, these two ranchers could monitor every one of them eight for the span of the activity; the pigs were a basic piece of the arrangement.

"Now is the ideal time," said Rubin, his profound voice reverberating through the lower regions. With a moan he rose, and the outfit immediately assembled their things and started down the slope toward the town of Mitica, where today around evening time they would loot the First Splintral Bank of the Fireblood.


Neoxian was unexpectedly occupied from his ludicrous heap of numbers by a tapping on Dragonglass. Peering over the focal points of his exhibitions, he could see a Teacup Dragon floating outside his pinnacle window, thumping with one of its free claws. Revolting animals, thought the Dragon Banker as he stood and crossed his protracted office to permit induction to the little rapscallion. As much as he detested them, the Teacup Dragons conveyed significant messages, and Neoxian was a significant Dragon whose messages were rarely irrelevant.


Without giving the Teacup Dragon access for a beverage, Neoxian grabbed the message and immediately shut the window. The little animal was plainly offended, yet the Dragon Banker realized that it would raise no hell here at his window. It basically took off for its next activity.

The message came as a stun, without a doubt. As indicated by dependable Gobson knowledge, there was to be a bank burglary this very night, in the field of Anumün. Neoxian's system of spies in the Goblin city was very broad, and their intel was rarely off-base. The Dragon Banker cherished Goblins hence: They could generally be purchased.

Supposedly, today around evening time's heist was designed by a Stone Golem. His arrangement was to just barrel into the invigorated mass of an unassuming community branch, at that point expel the gold by pig-pulled cart. It would be a difficult resistance, particularly from his office in Draykh-Nahka, however Neoxian consistently adored a test. Nobody had ever pulled off theft of one of his banks; today would not be the first run through. Neoxian needed to act quick; he considered how rapidly a group of Lightning Dragons could show up in Anumün.


Rubin's outfit at long last showed up at the peak of the last slope that disregarded the little town of Mitica beneath. With his elevated feeling of mindfulness, he could feel the power noticeable all around developing with every second. The Lightning Dragons were coming. The Dragon Banker demonstrated as unsurprising as Rubin had trusted.


The carts were prepared, four pigs to each. The Goblin triplets had their directions, two of them keeping an eye on the carts and the third on stacking obligation. The Pixie was at that point humming about the bank underneath, ensuring everything was by plan. The Centaur had a solitary obligation: To cripple the Lyverian watch with a solitary bolt to the leg. Rubin was not keen on murdering, just taking. The two Humans would wait with the subsequent cart, arranged to mediate should the pigs go wild.

The planning was critical if this somehow managed to function as Rubin trusted. Close to the head of the slope, the Pixie's supernatural glimmer flagged the group to go. "Presently!" Rubin cried, and the gathering surged down the slope toward the glinting lights of the little town.


Neoxian was certain that he had dispatched the Lightning Dragons in time; so sure that he leaned back in his most agreeable rocker and enjoyed a glass of cognac. For what reason must they generally figure they can bamboozle me, he pondered. They play Dice, however the Dragon Banker plays Chess, cautiously plotting everything he might do with dazzling exactness.

This would be nevertheless another bombed endeavor at theft. Amusingly, these messed up heists consistently served Neoxian well. He would now have a reason to bring loan fees up in that area, as though he even required a reason. His capacity was very much solidified. He had organized the whole Splinterlands to the point that each activity made him a more extravagant Dragon. The Dragon Banker was significantly fulfilled, without a doubt.


The accident as the Stone Golem hit the stopping point of the bank was stunning. Directly on sign, five Lightning Dragons showed up on the scene as serious trouble come to the surface. The gatekeeper was brought somewhere near the Centauri bolt as arranged, while the Lightning Dragons started totally destroying the spot. Rubin snatched the massive travel bag from the cart and began stacking gold in the pandemonium.


One of the Lightning Dragons pursued Dreeg the Centaur. Two more took off north after the main cart, which Rubin called the Diversion Wagon. One of the two residual Dragons got busy with the second cart as it showed up after the expected time to the turmoil. Impacts of blue fire were detonating toward each path as the Pixie gave a valiant effort to confuse the brutes. Just a couple of seconds more, and the Stone Golem would be prepared to make his escape.

The Human ranchers unobtrusively took away from the bank in obscurity, leaving the subsequent cart and the four pigs behind. Rubin realized the pigs were comparable to broiled, however in any event the needy individuals of Mitica would get a decent feast for once. With a powerful snort, the Golem got his tremendous travel bag and hurried toward the south, as quick as he could run.

He ran so hard that bits of his feet ground themselves to tidy, leaving a fine mist operating at a profit night. The cloudy sky was over and again enlightened by the one Dragon that had given him pursue, impacting angrily at the Golem's tail. In any event, for the mind blowing quality of a Stone Golem, Rubin was almost burdened by the heaviness of the gold bullion on his back.


He was unable to win this race until the end of time. The Lightning Dragon would not tire, and Rubin would in the end self-destruct from such outrageous effort. His lone expectation was to make the shore of the Primordic Sea before the Dragon could figure out how to stop him. Rubin had lived for many years, and this was the hardest thing he had ever done. It was not the longing for riches that drove him forward; that is the thing that isolated him from the villain, the horrible Dragon Banker. Rubin was a Stone Golem, and like his ancestors, he would battle for equity, and equity alone.


Despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, as the ocean became bigger not too far off, Rubin was all the while beating the seeking after Dragon. At this point, different Dragons would have found that everything else was simply a bait. He trusted that his team had discovered safe entry while he prepared himself for the last run.

An impact of blue lightning struck the ground near the Stone Golem as the Dragon screamed out there. Rubin challenged not think back. Each progression took more noteworthy fixation and center than the last, and he didn't know whether he could make it. He could now observe the bluff's edge approaching meet him. A last impact of fire missed him as he tumbled over the edge of the forceful bluff into the ocean, the handbag of gold still on his back.


When Neoxian stirred the following morning, hungover from Beluroc liquor, he definitely realized something was wrong. There in his bedchamber was another damned Teacup Dragon, sitting tight for him with a message. He more likely than not left his window open throughout the night. This intrusion of the Banker's bedchamber was unpardonable. In the wake of choking the little monster for quite a while, Neoxian was very annoyed at the substance of its message. "In any event Stone Golems can't swim," he said out loud to himself as he folded the message and threw it at the oblivious Teacup Dragon.


Profound at the base of the Gulf of Greenforth, on the edges of the incomparable Primordic Sea, a Stone Golem sat, quietly holding up with a huge travel bag brimming with gold and nothing else except for time. In the end, the pursuit gatherings would be canceled and the Dragon Banker would take his misfortunes. As a goliath Sea Monster passed by and gazed curiously at the Stone Golem, he smiled, pondering internally, I'm happy I figured out how to swim.


Written by Chris Roberts. Original STEEM post @steemmonsters

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