Splinterlands Card Feature: KOBOLD MINER

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Weird, I'd never seen the feet of the Kobold Miner in the card pictures... seeing it now, it looks like he's a pretty happy guy doing a strange dance with his trusty pick rather than a nasty back row killer! He actually starts to look quite cute in a quirky sort of way... that candle on his head just tops it off (Hahahahaa.....).

Now, the Kobold Miner is an Alpha/Beta series card from the ancient dawn of the Splinterlands history.... and I think that it is one of the MUST-HAVE cards for the Fire Splinter. As a melee monster, it has great synergy with the Beta Fire Summoner (+1 melee attack) and the Sneak attack is quite a nice way to poke holes in the enemy ranks from the rear! As a bonus, it is only 2 mana to field this little guy... which makes him a pretty heavy hitter for low mana caps or Little League games!

The only downside is the fact that he is is slow... really slow!

The Battle

In this featured battle, we have the Equaliser and No Healing battle conditions at play... and a relatively middling mana cap of 24 mana to contend with. 24 mana means that if you are going to field 6 monsters, then you have a rough average of 4 mana for each monster. Obviously, you will want some to be higher than that... so, it really helps that the Kobold Miner is only 2 mana!

My team is led (shielded...) by the ever present Lord Arianthus... with the No Healing battle condition, it helps to have the Glass Jarred Head in the lead, as he has damage reduction to all attacks... whilst hurting those who hurt him... the Equaliser battle condition makes it even more annoying and difficult to take him down!

Next up are my trio or damage dealers... the Kobold Miner and Serpentine Spy with a decent amount of health due to the Equaliser battle conditions, who are able to target weaker members of the enemy team with the Sneak and Opportunity attacks. These two serve as a protective shield around the Exploding Dwarf... which is a nightmare monster when his health is boosted by the Equaliser battle condition. I've placed him in the middle for some mid-game savagery!

Rounding out the rest of the battle team is the Halfing Alchemist (to reduce the damage dealing potential of any monsters that he hits... after all, we all have equally lots of health... so, the key is to reduce the damage that you take!) and the Explosive Fire Demon... who will help soften up the second line monster in the other team with the exploding area attacks.

Unfortunately, the enemy team is a Life Splinter team with armour boost from the Summoner... which makes their team effectively much healthier than mine... on the plus side, there is no Armoursmith... so, there is no "healing" of armour!

The first round exposes a touch of weakness on the enemy team... all their attacks are spread and attack different members of my team... which means that they aren't likely to take down anyone in a hurry. That said, my attacks are also spread a little bit thin.... and it doesn't help that I have attacks with wasted damage potential due to the single armour points!

However, from the second round, my attacks start focusing on the lead Warrior of Peace... and when he goes down, my damage potential will be boosted back to normal again! Meanwhile, the enemy attacks with the ranged Sniping are focusing on the Half Alchemist... which has the weakest damage potential of my entire team!

The third round sees most of my attacks MISS! Sigh... I hadn't noticed that the Warrior of Peace has such a high speed... it's really quite annoying! I might lose my ranged monsters quite early... and before I take out any of their monsters!

Yep... I lose both my ranged monsters... and I still am missing the frontline Warrior of Peace... it will take a lucky break to get through this battle without losing! The next couple of rounds see both the non-damage dealers (Lord Arianthus and the Warrior of Peace) go down... and I'm completely outnumbered... but, I have melee fighters... and the enemy has most of their damage potential based around ranged fighters! If only I can close the range!

The Kobold Miner does go down... and the Serpentine Spy makes good with the Opportunity Attacks to take out the dangerous Peacekeeper on the other side. However, this is now time for the Exploding Dwarf to shine... dealing 6 damage with each hit... which is explosive AND piercing, he is a ripping through the enemy ranks. PLUS, he is also triggering retaliation strikes on melee attacks as well... which doubles or triples his attacks in the coming round!

In the end, the monstrous Exploding Dwarf does go down... but not before he has almost cleared the enemy ranks... leaving the Serpentine Spy to mop up the hapless ranged monsters.


Although the Kobold Miner wasn't the key winning piece in this battle, he still played a pretty integral role in getting this victory by causing more damage to the enemy team than his mana cost would suggest he was capable of. At 2 mana, he is a nasty addition to any melee Fire Splinter team, and he generally makes short work of the enemy rear lines. In higher mana cap battles, it might be wiser to play a higher mana cost monster as they will tend to have better damage/skill/health/speed balance... but in pretty much any battle that is less than 36 mana in total... the Kobold Miner is a MUST HAVE monster to put on your team!

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Thanks for your battle challenge.

Pleasure, thanks for the support!

Great write up - I must say this isn't a card I fear coming up against, unlike say that Dwarf with the right rule set!

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Oh man... the Exploding Dwarf with the Equaliser and some sort of Stealth/Front attack from anyway is a nightmare!

it is perfect lineup and every position i liked

Thanks, it worked out this time!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice battle, really.
I liked your details about the battle and about the theme card.
Although I didn't know he is cute and I never saw that candle on his head, lol.

Haha... he is really quite cute!