Splinterlands Card Feature: Silvershield Sheriff

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The Life Splinter is a bit spoilt with a wide range of choices of ranged attack monsters, with monsters like the Peacebringer being one of the ""must-have" cards for any deck. The Rewards set of cards brought another highly sought after card to the Life Splinter in the form of the Rare Splinterlands Sheriff.

He is a little bit different in style to the Peacebringer, with a higher significantly higher mana cost. However, he does bring some pretty hard hitting abilities to the table with a Snipe and Pierce (and later Fortify) skills coupled with a decent speed, high health and damage.

For higher mana games, this is definitely a great card to include in your Ranged attack plans... and at some stage, I suspect that this card will start to supersede the trusty Peacebringer in my own lineup. However, that is a little bit down the road still... as it needs to get a few more levels before it is hitting equally as hard!

The Setup

This battle had the No-Healing battle condition on it... which is always a great incentive to play the Life Splinter. The armour on every monster and the ability to repair it substitutes for the loss of healing.

For this battle I chose to lead with Lord Arianthus backed up with the Prismatic Energy. This is my standard two lead monsters when I suspect that the enemy is going to play a Magic Splinter. The lack of healing often means that people are going to look for quick ways around the armour damage reduction.

Following these two monsters are my "healers" in the form of the Armoursmith and the Lone Boatman. The Armoursmith has long been a mainstay in my Life Splinter line up... but I have recently levelled up the Lone Boatman to the point where it has also the Repair ability in addition to the Snipe ability. As a mid row monsters, it costs more than the Armoursmith to field but it is worth it as the Ranged attack ability means that it can take an active role in the battle in addition to the Repairing of armour.

Tying the tail end of the line up are my damage dealers. The Silvershield Sheriff and the Peacemaker who pack a nice punch between them, however, the damage is spread out a bit in that it will be attacking two different monsters due to the Snipe ability.

In the end, the enemy didn't field a Magic Splinter team... but did end up choosing a Magic heavy team. They also chose to field some serious damage sponging at the front... but the Gelatinous Cube is somewhat less menacing without it's self-healing ability.

The Battle

The first round played out with no casualties on either side. However, my monsters were able to dent the damage sponges on the opposite team whilst sustaining very little in the way of damage themselves. Much of enemy team is focused upon the lead tank, meaning that it will be a bit of a race to see which shield will break first. Thankfully, the Magic Reflection ability of my two lead monsters will ensure that their magic damage dealers will be busy punching themselves in the face at the same time as hurting me!

The second round sees my Lord Arianthus go down... and I've yet to down one of their damage sponges. Thankfully, all the reflected magic is going a good way to taking out the enemy Magi of the Forest, which is currently the chief damage dealer for the opposition team. Patience....

The third round, we are starting to see that the continuing repair of the armour on my side is effectively neutralising the damage potential of the enemy ranged monsters. It does make a huge difference as that is another 7 damage points that don't have to be taken on Health! Most importantly, we see the demise of the enemy Magi of the Forest, and the first of the enemy damage sponges.

Fourth round leave the entire enemy team open as their Lord Arianthus also succumbs, having already been severely weakened by the Sniping ranged monsters on my team.

Fifth round sees the last gasps of both teams, as it is a slog fest right down to the wire. Ranged monsters start taking the tanking positions and the extra armour point really starts to make a difference! From here it is a slogfest... but a win!


In this battle, the real stars of the show were the Repair mechanics! However, the Silvershield Sheriff gave a good deal of softening up power against the enemies second rank monsters so that when they reached the front, they were unable to sustain more damage.

I do enjoy fielding the Silvershield Sheriff, good damage potential, and with a little bit more in levelling, he will gain the Fortify ability which will further improve hte hardiness of the Life Splinter!

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