The Equaliser: A Splinterlands Battle Condition Feature

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"s"... not "z"!... and that is all I'm going to say about that topic!

Anyway, on to the proper topic... One of the ways that Splinterlands balances the different strengths of monsters is to decrease the health of certain monsters, in effect making them into glass cannons. So, you can have cheap mana monsters with very low health, high damage monsters with very low health or monsters with lots of support abilities with low health. It can make it quite risky to play these monsters, as the benefits that they bring to a team are dependent on them staying alive... and if they don't stay alive, well... then that is a wasted slot!

The Equaliser Battle condition puts a new spin on all of these glass cannons. All of a sudden, instead of having 1 or 2 health points, they are quite strong in health. This means that they are going to bring a lot more bang for the buck to the battle, as they are now a bit unbalanced in comparison to other monsters.

The Battle

Far and away, one of the most lethal monsters in the Equaliser battle condition is the Fire Splinter's Exploding Dwarf. With Piercing, Blast and Retaliation, he is normally easily taken out of the battle due to his 1 Health Point... meaning that he is lucky if he gets a single shot in, or doesn't take himself out due to attacking a Thorned monster. However, that disadvantage is effectively nullified in the Equaliser battle... giving him equally as much health as every other monster, making him a terrifying presence on the battlefield! I've made him even more feared due ot the +1 Melee buffs from both the Fire Splinter Summoner and the Enchanted Pixie, giving him 7 points of Blast Damage!

I've added in the Beetle Queen to give the Exploding Dwarf a chance for a few more hits... and the rest of the team is just filler to take advantage of the Melee focus of the Fire Splinter. The Kobold Miner and Serpentine Spy will try to make holes in the enemy team whilst the Furious Chicken is the damage sponge for the rear.

Unfortunately, I am disadvantaged by the other battle condition (Reverse Speed) as my killer Exploding Dwarf is normally on the fast side of things... however, it might mean that he could start missing attacks, and that would be incredibly disastrous.

The opponent team is outmached in terms of level, but the Halfling Alchemist could really take the sting out of Exploding Dwarf. This might prove to be a tighter battle than the actual levels would suggest. Thankfully, I think I will be saved by the fact that the enemy hasn't fielded a healer.

In the first round, I see that this might not have been a good team to field. The Reverse Speed condition allows the enemy Clay Golem and the Halfling Alchemist to attack first... hurting the Exploding Dwarf, but more critically, halving his attack damage to 3! In fact, with the armour from the Truthspeaker... I'm not really hurting the enemy team very much!

So, the Exploding Dwarf goes down... and with his last retaliation strike, he misses. Well, that was a useless monster card, completely nullified by the Reverse Speed battle condition. However, I do finish the second round by taking out the enemy tank, and if I can somehow manage to whittle down to their ranged monsters, I might be able to eke out a little win.

The third round starts to hint that I might just be able to get a win. The enemy isn't focus firing on my lead monster, and that means that I can take out their Furious Chicken. Without the Clay Golem, the enemy team has lost alot of it's damage potential, and spreading it out means that I can heal my lead monster to recover any damage that he takes during the round.

At this stage, the battle is effectively over. The other side can't inflict more damage than I can heal, and so my monsters will chop down the opposition one by one from safety.


This started as a showcase of the Equaliser battle condition... and was meant to highlight how lethal the Exploding Dwarf could be in that sort of battle. However, an enemy team that played more to the strengths of the other Reverse Speed battle condition nullified that champion and nearly ended up defeating my superior (in levels) team.

So, a lesson to learn... play to the strengths of the battle conditions... or face being outmatched by a smarter opponent!

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Wao, two rules combinated one gave you advantage and the other don't, this is the fun of playing splinterlands, we can think could won but of we are not focus on the rules we could easily lose.

Yep... not reading the rules properly and playing at a disadvantage really levels the playing field!

I just got beaten with this by someone playing double cleanse, repair, resurrect and heal, completely eradicated my affliction strategy. Worse thing is they beat me with 1 damage and poison - sneak.

Funny thing is - every time I play death I always wish it had a cleansing card, which it doesn't!

You can't win 'em all!

Every time I play Death, I want a healer! Double Cleanse and crazy amounts of healing.... I've never seen that sort of play before, must be something that is only feasible with high level cards.

Me neither - their deck was pretty weak too, it just suited the rule set and wiped out Mimosa completely.

He would have been toast if I'd have played a damage set, but there you go, sometimes you just luck out by picking the exact counter to a higher powered deck, we've all been there!

Thanks for your Battle Challenge post.