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Yesterday was an absolutely crazy day for me. I worked close to fourteen hours in total and about half of that time was spent on the phone trying to get some things sorted out with AT&T and the school's business account.

It is amazing just how many people you have to go through to get as simple issue fixed. I truly believe our business was defrauded a bit this past spring. I think AT&T saw an opportunity in the boom that happened due to Covid and the move to online instruction.

They sold as many devices and plans as they could and then they dismantled the department that was handling all of it. Representatives we had been working with all summer were reassigned and suddenly no one had access to our account.

The majority of my time on the phone was just establishing that we actually did have an account and gaining online access to said account. It was a pretty stressful day.

In the midst of all of that, I was finally able to reach the goal I set for myself of hitting 15k Hive Power. It has been a long road, but I am happy to finally be here. The funny thing is, now that I am here, I am already eyeing 20k HP and setting that as my new goal.


To be honest, it probably would have taken me closer to the end of the year to hit 15k if it hadn't been for Splinterlands. I have been playing Splinterlands for quite a while now. Since back when it was called Steem Monsters. I was even part of the initial Kick Starter campaign that they had for the game. In addition to that, I participated in the second Kick Starter that they had before the Untamed packs came out.

With the recent changes to the mechanics of the game, I have somewhat lost interest in it. Where I used to be able to progress into the Champion tier, I am now capped at the Diamond I tier. Don't get me wrong, I understand why they had to make the changes (the bots were out of control), but I personally feel like they went a little too far the other way in trying to curb them.

I took a long hard look at my deck and realized that I was holding onto a whole bunch of cards that I never ever play. I am a big fan of Hive and I really wanted to keep my money on the chain, so I decided to liquidate a bunch of my cards and that is the boost I needed to get me to 15k.

If I continue to sell my cards, I could hit 20k sooner than I was anticipating. For now, my dragon splinter is completely gone as well as the majority of my Alpha cards. I may hold out a little longer, but I definitely don't have the passion for the game that I used to. I was never that great at it to begin with. @slobberchops used to school me in the strategy all the time. Even with a weaker deck (at the time) he could totally obliterate me in head to head competitions.

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency is an ever expanding world. I have been branching out from Hive into the WAX blockchain and I am excited about some projects that are coming that way. NFT games in the form of KOGS and Dark Country are just a couple. Additionally, I got early access to the Nine Chronicles game and I am excited about the potential that has.

Splinterlands will always hold a special place in my heart. There is definitely a reason it is the number one DAPP on pretty much any chain out there. I may never be able to fully cut ties with it even if my participation wanes.

I am sure years from now I will be kicking myself that I didn't hang on just a little longer, but that 15k goes towards curation and growing the chain, so in the end are there really any losers?

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Sorry to hear all the hassles you had with AT&T, but congrats on hitting 15K and 20 will come soon enough onward and upward :)

I hope so! I spent another couple hours dealing with them again today.

Ohh no sorry to hear that :)

Oh, yeah. I got seriously into a game too. I could earn Steem directly and it seemed a really good deal. Drug Wars. Wish I'd have gone to Splinterlands...


Couple things: 1 Congratulations on your Milestone. I realized after I bitched about DW that I forgot that important part.

2: I just saw this on one of my news gatherers:

Vinyl out sold CDs last quarter!

Thank you and I saw that too. It doesn't surprise me. People are starting to get wise to the superior sound!

I only beat you once, about 2 years ago!!, hehe.., I will keep playing.. just downsizing like you. Those potion rewards need to go, completely useless.

Yeah, I wish you could sell them. I see no difference in my card pulls with or without them.

Well you can use what you made in the game to improve your Hive account. So many people play games where stuff has no real value. I will keep playing for now, but at the start of this season I was knocked down to Silver and rewards are meagre there. It's just a bit of daily fun.

I hear you. I was hoping the end of season rewards would be a little better with my 60 chests and the new rules, but I only got one GF and zero legendaries.

Ah I'm totally with you on Splinterlands. I wasn't into the game as early as that with the Kickstarter but I still have a couple Alpha cards lying around. It did indeed knock a LOT of the fun out of the game to be capped at such atrocious rewards. I offered a solution to them that I am hoping they take an implement over the course of the year but that's to outlaw bots for public players and set up their own bots that are programmed to completely reject rewards on the blockchain level. This eliminates the insane downward pressure the botting accounts like EnMiner's posse has had on the game while at the same time still allowing players to get matches. Bots are vital to the game in these small stages but they have indeed overtaken it completely. I often only get 2 or 3 matches with legitimate human players every day, the rest are versus bots! That goes to show how little actual players are in the game but I do get it, we are all over the world we can't constantly be playing. This would probably cause lots of issues with the bot owners but I think it's about time, if they care about the future of the game, they need to get a handle on the leechers.

Congrats on hitting 15k! That's amazing! I am hoping to get to 10k net HP by the end of the year, only about 1,800 more HP to go!

I see that your resource credits are sitting nicely at 100%, you should claim free account creation tokens! They might be worth a LOT someday!

That does sound like a good idea. It would definitely speed up the game if there were some in game bots for competition. That is one of the things I hate about Hearthstone it can take forever to play a match.

I know I need to spend some of those resource credits. I used to do that every other day on Steem.

Aye, and there's the difference between traditional TCGs and Splinterlands: at least you can liquidate them.