My Essence Orb Opening.

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Hello Everyone

How are you? Hopefully, you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here to share with you the cards I received from my last Essence Orb.

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Here is the pack opening video.

Let me describe the cards I found from the Essence Orb.

I got :

  • 2x Armorsmith
  • 2x Enchanted Defender
  • 1x Undead Archer (Rare)


Raised hauling stones in the Quarries of Korlax, the Armorsmiths of Khymeria are considerably tougher than they appear. Even the burly Boatmen who work the shipyards can barely lift the hammer of a Khymian Armorsmith. Much to the dismay of the Order of the Silver Shield, their hammers are used more for repair than destruction. When summoned to battle, the Armorsmiths do plenty of damage, even without formal fighting skills.


Armorsmith is a Common Life Monster and also a melee card. It only costs 2 mana. I literally love this card. I often use this card when I play with Life Splinter. It has Repair ability from level one. In maxed level, it has 3 melee damage, 4 speed, 4 health and Repair ability

Enchanted Defender

This steaming and sputtering pile of power is the result of years of secret Gloridax experimentation. The Enchanted Defender combines the latest magical technologies (stolen from Azmare) with indestructible metals from the quarries of Khymeria. Its Power Core is made from the concentrated sap of the Burning Land’s Everburning Trees, and spied gear systems from Gobson have provided its complex inner-working. The Dragons named it "Defender" as a sort of cruel mockery, knowing full well that it was designed to destroy.


Enchanted Defender is a Common Neutral Monster and also a melee card. It costs 4 mana. It has huge armors and that's why I sometimes use it. It has Thorns ability from level five. In maxed level, it has 4 melee damage, 2 speed, 9 armors, 1 health and Thorns ability. I prefer to use it only in the last position because it will literally destroy opponents' Sneak cards with its Thorns.

Undead Archer

The Undead Archers of the Death Splinter are famously resourceful when they run out of arrows. Teeth, bones, and claws can all be loosed from their inventive bows, many of which contain poisons that can cripple the living. In a rare display of Dark Eternal valor, an Undead Archer sometimes sits on the battlefield and begins breaking its own bones, firing them one by one toward his enemies. This is known as Bones’ Last Stand. Source


Undead Archer is a Rare Death Monster and also a Range card. It costs only 2 mana. I often use this card when the mana cap is low in battles. In level one, it has 1 range damage, 2 speed , 2 health and Affliction ability. It has Shatter ability in level five. In maxed level, it has 2 range damage, 3 speed, 5 health and Affliction and Shatter ability.

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@tipu curate 3

Orbs are getting scarce as the days passes. These cards will definitely be worth more down the road. Congrats on the openings.

Thank you so much :)

You got a good orb cards, this kind of cards are very interesting because their burn value.