My Splinterlands Season Ending Rewards.

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Hello Everyone

How are you ? Hopefully you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here to share with you my season ending rewards of Splinterlands.

@Splinterlands hosts a challenge named "Social Media Challenge" every week. You just need to write a good post and share your post link in their comment section and you need to share your post on other social media platforms. The main intention of splinterlands is to spread splinterlands all over the world.

Here is the video of my rewards. :)

I claimed:-

  • 2x Nightmare
  • 2x Chain Spinner
  • 1x Centauri Mage
  • 2x Alchemy Potion
  • 1x Legendary Potion
  • 63x Dark Energy Crystals


Let me describe my claimed rewards. :)



Nightmare is a Common Death Monster and a melee card. It costs 8 mana. It has only one melee damage and four speed in level one. And also has ten health in level one. It has Blast ability from level one and Phase ability from level six. In maxed level, it has 3 melee damage, 7 speed and 13 health.

Chain Spinner


Chain Spinner is a Common Life Monster and a melee card. It costs 5 mana. It has 2 melee damage, 1 speed, 3 armors and 3 health in level one. It has only one ability and that is Void Armor and this ability starts from level one. In maxed level, it has 3 melee damage, 2 speed, 10 armors (literally amazing) and 3 health.

Centauri Mage


Centauri Mage is a Rare Earth Monster and a magic card. It costs 7 mana. I love this card and I often use it. It has 1 magic damage, 3 speed and 9 health in level one. It has Return Fire ability in level one and Repair ability in level five. In maxed level, it has 3 magic damage, 4 speed, 10 health and both Return Fire and Repair ability.

Besides I got 2x Alchemy potion and 1x Legendary potion. I also got 63x DEC. According to Peakmonsters, my claimed total card value is $0.238.

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Nice, got the new cards, I really love the art on those!