Another Season Down and the Spoils of Battle...

This season was my best as I finished in the Diamond league for the first time. I been playing Splinterlands since 2017 but never played regularly. Since joining a guild about 3 weeks ago I started to play more then I ever did before. My deck is pretty weak compared to the higher league players but I have a few strategies that help me win. My summoners are all low levels 1-2 with one level 3 Dragon summoner. As I keep advancing to higher leagues it is getting difficult to compete against players that have spent a lot on their decks. My strategies are solid though if I had a better deck I would be competing with the best of em.


I been trying to improve my deck, this last week I bought about 30 cards. I purchased all the untamed cards that are 10 cents and under plus whatever other cards there were that I did not have yet around those same prices. Now I am collecting my Dec’s to slowly upgrade my summoners. It might take some time as I don’t really have to much money I can put into the game. Hopefully I get some help with the rewards I get from quests and the season.

This season’s rewards was not bad as I pulled a gold Nectar Queen. Here are the cards I got below.





Not great but not bad. What do you guys think? Anyways looking forward for the next season to see if I could do better than I did this season and reach Diamond II or I.🤞 See you all on the battlefield. 🦖