Splinterlands Lengends - Scored The Vigilator

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So we've reached another end to a season and I managed to match my previous all time high and that was Diamond League 1 and secure 60 loot chests which had nothing special in any of it but I managed to get an orb.

I opened the orb and managed to get nothing special in that either which is very much like a normal end to the season for me, but then, then I noticed I had 2000 DEC to spare and I thought, might as well buy an untamed pack since I have nothing to lose and I'm in the card opening mood.

I opened the cards up and all common trash as per usual, but then the last one, started to shake, could this be, yes it was I scored a legendardy card.


The Vigilator

Currently worth like $2.85 which is more than most of my cards combined i'm pretty stoked to add this one to my deck. There are only 997 in circulation and I've got one :)

I took it for a test run and its a pretty bad ass monster especially if you have a tank healer on your side or you have sneak enabled in battle since it can attack 4 times in one round and absolutely obliterate your opponent.


As you can tell its been ages since I managed to get anything higher than a rare, I would have been stoked with an epic, but hey bring on the legends! Probably back to picking up trash for a few more rounds I guess, lol, but who knows?! A legend could be waiting for me soon!


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What do you good people of Splinterlands think? When was the last time you secured a legendary card and what was it?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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