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Hey Splinterlands fans

I completed my daily quest today and to my surprise, I managed to pick up not 1 but 2 Gold cards to add to my collection. A Gold Flame Money and a Gold Screeching Vulture.

Screenshot 20200518 at 08.51.38.png

When looking at the current market price for gold cards you can see that:

  • The flame monkey is worth $0.40 with 1433 in circulation and 142 available on the open market.
  • The Screeching Vulture is worth $0.56 with 2417 in circulation and 99 available on the open market.

When compared to their standard versions

  • The flame monkey is worth $0.014 with 31867 in circulation and 303 available on the open market.
  • The Screeching Vulture is worth $0.014 with 65 463 in circulation and 981 available on the open market.

Screenshot 20200518 at 10.21.54.png

Which means the flame monkey gold us 28 times more valuable while the screeching vulture is 40 times more valuable at the current price. That's a pretty high premium for fetching a Gold version of even a common card.

My Gold Collection

I know have 61 different Gold Cards and 66 In total.

Total Value (filterable):

  • $ 83.03 using List Prices
  • $ 19.84 using Bids Prices
  • $ 72.52 using Market Prices

I'm going, to be honest, I hardly use Gold cards in battle, not many of mine ware worth a damn in the fight,

So hows your gold collection coming along?

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