Splinterlands - The Upgrade Continues

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Hey Splinterlands fans

Stacking cards is a slow and steady game, I'm not one to throw much cash at the game, I did it in the beginning and it didn't really help maybe because I don't have luck with the draw of the cards so now I'm just on a slow and steady grind to somewhere.

Today I finished my daily reward and managed to get two cards a

  • Wave Runner
  • Nectar Queen

An entire $0.02 worth of cards but I did get an essence orb out of it so I had a second shot at greatness.

Screenshot 20200516 at 10.01.26.png

Looking into the orb

I managed to score $0.27 cents worth of cards so not a bad haul for an orb, with 3 rares included.

Screenshot 20200516 at 10.01.12.png

Untamed time

During my daily reward, I managed to hit 2k DEC and used it to purchase an untamed pack and got $0.15 worth of cards, nothing crazy to look at but I don't have many untamed cards and need to keep stacking so I can start upgrading this set of cards.

Screenshot 20200516 at 10.01.03.png

Upgrades on the cards

I normally check my deck once I get new cards to look for opportunities to upgrade my cards.

FIRE ELEMENTAL is now on level 2 and got a speed increase

Screenshot 20200516 at 10.00.35.png

ARMORSMITH - Moved up to level 5 and got a 1 point improvement on speed

Screenshot 20200516 at 10.00.44.png

SILVERSHIELD BARD is now on level 4 and also got a speed increase

Screenshot 20200516 at 10.00.52.png

Lol so no new abilities to use, only speed increases on the cards, highly underwhelming but okay, time to get back to stacking.

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