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Hey Splinterlands fans

So another season has come and gone and I managed to make it up Diamond 2, not my best finish but good enough to score a nice Little package for myself and grew my deck!

Daily Reward

I finished today's daily challenge and managed to get 3 rates and one epic, how crazy is that?

Although not the most expensive cards, still a mega pull compared to the average day so I'll gladly take my $0.26 worth. Also managed to upgrade my Spirit Shaman in the process and get stun effect, so I may be tempted to his this card more in the future.

Screenshot 20200515 at 12.17.47.png

End of season reward

I managed to score 21 new cards total worth of $0.56 so not great but not the worst I've ever gotten. There've been times where it was far more items and very few cards. Bagged a couple of rares but nothing to upgrade with so I'll just have to keep stacking these bad boys

Screenshot 20200515 at 12.17.25.png

Orb extra

My season reward included an orb with $0.26 worth of cards with one rare in the electric eels. I also now need one more armoursmith to upgrade mine, so one step closer I suppose.

Screenshot 20200515 at 12.17.03.png

Also, I was wondering how come I didn't get any of that special halving card the HALFLING ALCHEMIST? Was there anything special I was supposed to do, or is it just luck of the draw?

Have your say

What do you good people of STEEM think? Did you pull anything better at the end of this season?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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You didn’t get an alchemist? That sucks man I haven’t seen it they are finished yet. I got 3, one with buying 5 packs for 10k DEC and two for playing, I will lease you my third since I don’t need it.

Decent rewards though, I need more of those epic dragon archer cards you got. I didn’t get much of anything but that’s ok, if Steem price stays where it is until Monday I can buy a lot of packs lol

Not a single one, I bought 2 packs since the release and I thought okay maybe if I don't pick one up on daily rewards the end of season I should get one but nada lol, so I thought maybe you must do like a claim thing or something I'm missing, guess the luck of the draw is not with me!

I'll be honest I've just been doing the bare minimum lately hit my 5 matches get my rewards and I'm done, i need to be more active, if I expect the good stuff. Letting a lot of DEC go to waste by not playing

I haven't received one of them either 😔

At least I am not the only one

Congratulation! I finished Diamond-II this time. Rewards were same as you have got but, I had a legendary card for the first time in all the seasons.

Which legendary card did you get? Did you pick up a halving alchemist yet?

I got Kraken, a legendary water monster. I got one halving alchemist when I bought five untamed packs.

Ah Im jealous thats an awesome pick up and congrats on the alchemist looks like you're one of the lucky ones

Thank you!

I need to point out that it is written that you need to buy 5 untamed packs at once to get one Alchemist.

5 UP + 1 A ; 2 * 5 UP + 2 * 1 A ; ...

I bought 5 UP at once and received my first A. Then I got 2 more airdropped. I play every day.


Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up, makes sense then why I missed out I think I only bought 2 or 3