A very good Performance from the Splinter Elites Guild in the first ever Brawl on splinterlands

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Good Afternoon hive

A couple of hours ago battle day ended and the winner of the brawl was announced.

Going into the brawl our guild the Splinter Elites were 3rd highest ranked according to the global leaderboard that may or may not actually mean anything but it was nice to see it showed where guilds were ranked.

We got out into 1st position early on with some fantastic performances


great performance by our guild members it was great.


In the end, though we were overtaken and had to settle for second place to A guild that if you refer to leaderboard position you could class as them being Faveroute to win but again is the leaderboards really relevant in brawls who knows.

overall I am very happy with my guilds performance we had some great discussions in the Tavern about our thoughts on the update as well as debating which player should enter which fray it was all very good.

That concludes my post.

Thanks for reading.


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Well done! I really need to figure out how these things work.


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Would have been better had I not lost EVER SINGLE MATCH! D: Need to get some better cards.

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