SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge Exploding Dwarf/ Interpreting the lore

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For this weekly challenge we where using a Fire card Exploding dwarf. Fire both a blessing and a curse human history has been formed by our struggle with its duality. Though I'm rather new at splinterlands I have some experience with fantasy and nerd culture so ill post a typical challenge (spoiler alert) I won, as well as my interpretation of the lore.

The battle

for my team i used all lvl 1 creatures and summoner

  • pyre lvl 1 (summoner)
  • Goblin mech (neutral) lvl 1
  • living lava lvl 1
  • exploding dwarf lvl1
  • creeping slime (Neutral) lvl 1
  • ettin spearmen lvl 1
  • flame smith lvl 1

my exploding dwarf lvl 1
standard rule match bronze 2 with no mana cap or 99 mana
the battle
hard fought battle resulting in a victory for my team

The lore

Regardless of the franchise the lore always seems to be my favorite part especially when games are concerned.
provoking both a sense of awe and mystery the lore adds a lot to this creature, Exploding Dwarf while not the oldest in the splinterlands in their decade they have built quite a reputation feared and respected its explosive temper and ability for which it gets its name (exploding) its best to keep your distance says it all doesn't it
fire to me has always represented focus and determination focus in controlling such a volatile force of nature and the determination to utilize it when necessary. Weather its splinterlands, avatar, Pokémon, magic the gathering or many other games/ entertainment those with mastery of fire have always been a favorite. Respect and control are fundamental in its mastery, remember those whom play with fire et burned.
Hope everyone enjoys my battle challenge submission though I'm not great at the game
I have nerd history stories for days (and ill keep typing until this shit pays)


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Like the art of these card They look amazing