Crossing Over Into The Splinterlands Champion League! 10 Untamed Packs Giveaway!

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Hi everyone! I am here on Splinterlands battling in the Diamond League since the latest changes have taken place as Splinterlands talks about HERE. There are now many other leagues that will have Untamed packs winners at the end of the season. You have to choose what League you are going to be in. I am headed over into Champion here now! There is an advance button for you to click on and it will ask you if you want to head on over into the Champion league or not. Once you go, you will not be able to get back into Diamond...until the following season if you wish. I think people will like the packs being handed out at the end of the season! What league are you headed into? Let me know in the comments to get a chance to win one of ten Untamed packs I will hand out! Good luck to you! I wish you all luck as well in this new season! I will see you all on the battlefield!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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I don't have many legendary summoners so i will be playing for the diamond leaderboard. I will see how it goes.All the best to you <3

I need to tell you this, you are my Splinterlands inspiration.

You are the Splinterlands Master of art-video intro's etc.! You are awesome! An Untamed pack has been sent to you!

Hello, Clove.

A couple of days ago I was able to move up from the silver league to gold, currently I am in gold to see if I can compete to win the wonderful untamed packages, but I must confess that the competition is tough here, so I estimate that soon I will be able to rent better cards and increase my points.
Maybe I won't reach the estimate, but it's exciting to know that in each league we can compete for a specific table of positions, it's a good attraction to the game to keep us active every day. Thank you for that.

It is tough, I agree, it's fun though! You won an Untamed pack!

Hello Clove... I started this season in silver III league but advanced to gold league... this is a very competitive league and I'm doing my best to be in the appropriate level...

Hi @clove71
this season I have started with Silver 3 and now I am in Silver 1. based on my power I can go up to Gold 2 max but my plan is to increase power and enter in Diamond so soon I will be buying more cards to have 250k collection power. Here is the snapshot of my current league and next on the way. Highest I played was CH 2 so I am trying to have slot diamond at least and good thing is that I would have the option to choose the league I want.


Hi, Clove! This is an unexpected season and we'll have to get use to this new rules, but we'll get it soon or later. Right now I'm at the 13 position of the gold league, I am able to go to Diamond, but I'm still not so sure about it, maybe in a few days I'll decide if I'll go to diamond or I'll stay in Gold.

Hello Clove.🙋 I started this season at Bronze 3 and now currently playing at Bronze 2. Hopefully, I can move to Silver. Opponents are tough. They have good cards than me.😂

I see everyone is deciding to whether to stay in their current league or move up LOL.
I am different though 🤣
I got a reset to silver league. I was previously on champion 2.
But instead of trying to go up or staying in silver, I decided to go down to BRONZE.
I asked Yaba how to do that and he told me.
I will be competing for the Bronze leaderboard this season and maybe more seasons to come till I have my summoners at silver league level

My collection power is 255K that make me eligible for Diamond 3. But I am playing in Gold league only (Ignoring the advance button).

Believe me it hell out of competition, Max rating points reached till now is 2891 and currently at 7th position in the gold league.
But issue is that if I lose one match, it look like it is all over because rating points are not coming easily.

PS: Hitting champion 1 for last 3-4 season and even in last season crossed 4700 rating before slipping at end but current "Leaderboards" is looking tougher than reaching to champions 1.

I started this season in Bronze still battling my way up to Silver.

I'm still trying to decide if I should buy in and move up or stay in my current league.

You won an Untamed pack!

@tipu curate
Good job

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Congrats to you for winning an Untamed pack!

I'll stay in diamond only. Anyways can't get ahead. Rewards have dropped down significantly.
I'm hoping to write posts on hive and convert the earnings to missing beta cards.

Nice!! I was thinking of staying in Diamond! LOL! It has been fun so far though but yes tough! You won an Untamed pack!

Awesome. Thanks. Some help in these tough days. Lol

I need a pack, because for the next Weekly battle challenge, which I will write about, there may be a card from the new challange.

Hello Beautiful!! I am currently in bronze I but I would like to position myself in Silver I or Gold III which was where it is always before :(

Good luck to you in your future battles! You have won an Untamed pack!

I'm stuck in bronze 1 unless I double my account value. Goal for this season would be the leaderboard top 20, so I get some untamed packs at least.

Hi now i am playing in Bronze II but my collection is growing and i will play Bronze I Soon :D

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Currently in Silver 3, trying to get more power to get Silver 2.

Congrats! I'll do my best this time to advance to Gold 3.

I started the season with Gold 3 and now playing in Gold 2 so i will stay in Gold to fight for the leaderboard but it is difficult because the champion leagues players are now playing in gold and silver to stay in the top position. By the way i will try my best Stay blessed

I think the changes in phase 3 are better than phase 2.

But I also see the possibility that stronger players (with more power) prefer to pick up the packs in a league lower before they go empty-handed in the higher league.

We'll probably wait a season and see how it works.

Congrats to you and your new Untamed pack!

Thank you, i have a !BEER for you!

Hey @clove71, here is a little bit of BEER from @ynwa.andree for you. Enjoy it!

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Clove, it has been a long time, I have not read your post.
Thank you

Was in champions league before now im back at silver league. At first i was kinda depressed but now i realise that i now can finally compete against other lvl 5 summoners. I think this new league system has big potential eventhough it may needs some more fine tuneing with the rewards in lower leagues

This new phase is great. So much hard competition in all levels. I'm at silver but I have the advance button to gold but I will stay rigth here

I will still strive for Champion 2 or 1 if I can make it. I won't be able to rank in the leaderboards but I don't have time for that kind of competition anyways. Therefore, I'll go for the loot chests rather than the packs from the leader board.

I gotexilef to silver from diamond!! Can you believe that!!! Lol. Just building up my collection now so I can proceed to the next league!!

My delegated account @cytryna is headed over to champion just like you :) hope to battle you soon!

As for my account, I decided to kick some butt in gold since most of my cards are gold league caps.

Good luck! I will try to remember your name when I see you! It's crazy but fun! You won an Untamed pack!