Buying Up All The Rexxie cards!

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I absolutely love the new abilities that are coming to Splinterlands! Check out the Splinterlands post all about the new cards, rulesets, and abilities HERE. New abilities are coming such as stampede! This is going to be awesome! Rexxie used to be so overpowered when it first came out, it would trample literally everyone killing a whole team! LOL! I loved it! Rexxie was badass! With stampede sometimes when Rexxie kills someone it will keep on trampling, killing everyone in sight, haha! I bought a ton of Alpha Rexxie's long ago so now I have added some more to the collection, haha! I am now the proud owner of 900 Alpha Rexxie's and 505 Beta Rexxie's!

I really have a true love for the Alpha collection as that is where it all started. I have old videos of myself opening Alpha packs as that was all you could do back in those days. You could open up packs and you could level them up. I was one of the first few people to max out my cards, I think I was like 6th or so, I'm not sure but I was up there, lol!

It was a lot of hard work to do so. There was not a market back then where you could buy single cards off the market. If you wanted to max out a card you needed to buy Alpha packs and lots of them! Check out the old video HERE. Make sure to join me this Monday live on Twitch for the Monday Madness tournament at 7:00 PM EST!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
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Glad I've got a maxed Hydra too. Retaliate and trample could now be messy.

It wasn't clear from the ruleset whether it has to kill to keep on trampling? If it does then shields would make it pretty useless.

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Yes! I am excited for all cards that trample in the near future. Stampede will be so awesome!

Stampede - The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.

So it can just go on attacking?

If that's the case and there are any Fire cards with trample it's going to be a joke with Yodin.

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I'm not sure exactly how it will play out and it sounds like it will have a chance to stampede, just a chance. Rexxie is a card that rarely gets used by the Champion League but hopefully, it will be used again soon!

I think you could well be right!

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Endless trample is going to be sooo insane... and fun... and frustrating, depending on which site of the stampede you stand, haha ;-)

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YES! I am so excited!! It sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Yea right, a worker for splinterlands buying up all the cards as soon as she 'breaks the news'

Managment gives her the details. She writes some blog on a site that isn't even their main home site. There is nothing in game explaining the details. You need to come to these obscure places to find out, AFTER she finds out.

SUPPRISE! Staff buying up all the cards that benefit from the 'NEWS' they just broke, having had much time to ponder what to do before you.

Their excuse is - we announced it. LOL! They're beating u to the punch everytime.

Have fun trying to invest when you are getting frontrun by staff with all the information well before players have any.

Congrats on getting scammed by splinterlands. Thought u would invest? Nope they're making MILLIONS selling you suckers the packs and they're buying up all the cards that will be good in the FUTURE too. WIN-WIN for them.

I found out about 5 hours after everyone else did. Literally. The post from Splinterlands was in the late morning and I did not buy any Rexxie's until the evening time, LOL! I already had over 700 Alpha Rexxies that were completely useless. Also, I ran out of DEC as it showed in the video so I could not buy any other trample cards which there are a ton of. Your account is just for posting very negative comments I see, it is not very credible.

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Rexxie rules has just begun.

Yes! I am excited about it!

Good reason to finish maxing out the non-gold version (Level 9 now), and then start on finishing maxing out the gold version (Level 6 now - but $5.00 USD per card). Let's see if the new ruleset provides enough incentive to max Rex out -- one of my favorite cards...

I know! I ran out of DEC so I could not work on any mass gold foil cards! I did buy 2 at $5 but that was all! I wish I could get all of them!

Making me regret flipping by 30+ beta gold foils a few months ago. Dang it. At least I have a level 5 alpha.

Oh wow! Yeah, that happens, it happened to me long ago. I prefer HODLING my Monsters but I do have to sell every now and then. I always try to see how many cards are available, how rare it could get with just 1 person buying them to max out or collect.