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RE: Splinterlands Season over - Reached Rank #45 / Die Season ist vorbei - Platz 45 für mich :)

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You did awesome! Congrats!!! I made it to Champion I on Saturday morning but was in 61 place at the end which really was not too bad as I was in the local Emergy Room hooked up to heart monitors and blood pressure wires LOL! I was still playing a few games in there! Die hard Splinterlands fan here! I had my own packs I bought at .79- I opened 10 and got 5 legendaries! An upvote is on the way!


Thank you Clove! It was a hard Season. Glad u made it in to the top 100 at least.
Hope everything is fine so far! I'm a die hard Fan also <3 Also bought a lot of packs cheap on the engine - around 120 or so... 5 legends in 50 cards - not bad at all :)