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RE: Pixie Dust Gaming | Battle Hot Mess in Splinterlands

in Splinterlands3 months ago

This is so awesome! I am so happy I found your Splinterlands video on 3speak! You have some gifts and an upvote coming your way! I am so happy you did not lose and throw your computer out the window! LOL!


Oh my gosh! So great to see you here in the comments! Thank you so much....ha ha yeah I do the SL videos a bit differently. People tell me how comical I am when I play so I thought why not do a comedic spin on things?

I am having fun making them & probably will make another one soon. Girl, that is why I sped up that part of the video! I was about to throw the computer out the window ha ha...😂🤣

Thank you so much for the appreciation & gifts. I really appreciate you. I will be checking out your video later as well :) You do a great job! 💚