I HODL Monsters! Do You?

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Hi everyone! I am here today checking out the low supply of Alpha cards on the market. The scarceness is incredible! The day has come where many Alpha cards and even some Beta's supply on the market are so incredibly low! Right now there is only 11 prince R.'s on the market and the cheapest level 1 is $80! There are still a few good deals left out there to snag up and HODL for awhile! I have had a few Alpha cards left and are going to continue to HODL them! If you notice the t-shirt I am wearing in the video, it is for sale! All of my crypto is in Splinterlands so I had to make a shirt about it. Reach out to me on Discord if you want one. They are $24.99 and ($5 shipping for the USA only). Crypto is accepted! Hive or DEC! Make sure to join me tomorrow, January 19th,2021 for a live Splinterlands battling stream on Twitch at 6:00 PM EST! Join me live where there will be prizes in the Twitch chat: https://www./clove71

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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I still can not believe I sold over 30 beta gold foil Rexies less than a month ago. FML. Going to listen to your advice and hold more of the alpha and beta from here on rather than sell them cheap. Thanks.

I was shocked when I saw how many were left on the market! Alpha's are going to be so rare, you won't see them on the market that much! HODL is life, LOL! I too have sold and given away a lot as well, and it all adds up! We are doing good though, we have learned along the way!

lol, cool t shirt!

Thanks! It's my favorite right t-shirt right now, LOL!

I suffer from monster hodling too. Maybe we should start a support group! 😁😁

YES! I tried this the first year+ into it but I don't think there were enough "addicts" yet, LOL! Maybe it will work now! I have the old Splinterlands Tournaments Discord we could use too, LOL! I made a private room for other Splinterlands Addicts like us! LOL! The link is here and you will need the SLA role to get in the SLA channel. https://discord.gg/djuqfZ7aHn

Ahahahahahah spunds like a plan, I'm in!! 🤣🤣🤣

i do!

Nice job!! Me too! I am going to go get some more trampling cards before tomorrow's new rules sets start! Get a jump on those ecards!

Soooo many cards! So little money!

Love that shirt. 💖

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