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RE: Bozzlife: Hitting a Milestone and Leaving some Behind...

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Ah I'm totally with you on Splinterlands. I wasn't into the game as early as that with the Kickstarter but I still have a couple Alpha cards lying around. It did indeed knock a LOT of the fun out of the game to be capped at such atrocious rewards. I offered a solution to them that I am hoping they take an implement over the course of the year but that's to outlaw bots for public players and set up their own bots that are programmed to completely reject rewards on the blockchain level. This eliminates the insane downward pressure the botting accounts like EnMiner's posse has had on the game while at the same time still allowing players to get matches. Bots are vital to the game in these small stages but they have indeed overtaken it completely. I often only get 2 or 3 matches with legitimate human players every day, the rest are versus bots! That goes to show how little actual players are in the game but I do get it, we are all over the world we can't constantly be playing. This would probably cause lots of issues with the bot owners but I think it's about time, if they care about the future of the game, they need to get a handle on the leechers.

Congrats on hitting 15k! That's amazing! I am hoping to get to 10k net HP by the end of the year, only about 1,800 more HP to go!

I see that your resource credits are sitting nicely at 100%, you should claim free account creation tokens! They might be worth a LOT someday!


That does sound like a good idea. It would definitely speed up the game if there were some in game bots for competition. That is one of the things I hate about Hearthstone it can take forever to play a match.

I know I need to spend some of those resource credits. I used to do that every other day on Steem.