Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge with Cerberus

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Hello Friends,



Hope you are having a great Monday and nice start to the week.

Life hasn't been same as before here in India with Corona is still smiling around us without us knowing, but the good news as the Government confirms that, the cases are gradually getting reduced including the number of deaths.

If there are some things that gives a bit of relief during these lockdown days, it's watching TV and playing some Splinterlands battles besides the routine work.

Here I am presenting you this blog with a blog on Splinterlands weekly challenge of Share Your Battle with the monster Cerberus.


Cerberus is the Fire splinter monster of rare category and is a melee attack monster with healing ability and this monster is from alpha and beta versions.

This one is a nice to have as front monster as it comes with healing ability, but we need to ensure it gets to attack early to regain it's health and be active in the battle.


It has some nice statistics and also has couple of useful abilities including the healing. Let's see a bit more about statistics.

This monster is of 8 levels and each level has some stat upgraded as we upgrade this monster from level 1 to level 8.

It has melee attack starting at 2 which quickly increases to 3 as we upgrade it to level 3 by combining 5 cards and the attack increases to 4 at level 7 requiring 61 cards!!!!

It's speed is of medium level starting at 3 and when it's upgraded to level 4 with 11 cards, the speed increases to 4 and finally it gets to 5 at level 6 with 35 cards needed to reach that.

The life part is the most important one for this being a healing monster and the life starts at 5 and can increase up to 9 at final level as we can see from above screenshot.

Talking about the abilities, this has a retaliate ability besides the one we discussed i.e. healing.

Retaliate helps it to have a chance of attacking back when a melee monster attacks it.

Battle and Lineup:



A battle with enough mana cap will be good to accommodate the favorite monsters and this battle had 28 mana cap and there were couple of rulesets like Aim True which will ensure melee and ranged attack monsters to always hit their target and other ruleset being Enrage which means the monster when gets hit, will have increased speed and even melee attack monster will have increased attack.

So, based on the mana cap and also for the rulesets, I used a lineup having below monsters.


1. Exploding Dwarf:


While I wanted to use Cerberus at the front position, I wanted to have the first and second monster from other side to have some blow before Cerberus attacks and hence, I used Exploding Dwarf at front since it has 6 speed and has 4 melee attack.

2. Cerberus:


Used this and next one Fineas Rage to have 2 melee attack monsters at first and second position once Exploding Dwarf gets removed.

3. Fineas Rage:


This 3 melee attack monster with 6 speed is the best I have to attack from second position since it has reach ability and has life of 9 to last a bi longer.

4. Zalran Efreet:


This life leech monster is used in fourth position to utilize it's 2 magic attack and also benefit from life leech ability to last few rounds.

But, 2 my bad luck, opponent had 3 snipe attack monsters and this couldn't go beyond first round.

5. Serpentine Spy:


This monster is best suited in such battles since it's ensured to attack because of aim true ruleset and it was a good addition to this lineup since opponent had 3 monsters with life in the range of 2 to 4.

6. Creeping Ooze:


Used this purely to reduce the speed of monsters on other side of the battle and this helped to have few early attacks from my side.

That completes the lineup and let's move to the battle part to see how the monsters performed.


Opponent used Haunted Spirit at the front followed by Undead Priest, Soulstorm, Death Elemental, Mantoid and Twisted Jester in that order.

Round 1:

As expected, Exploding Dwarf attacked first to reduce the life of Haunted Spirit and Serpentine Spy got rid of Undead Priest and that restored a health for all the monsters I used and Exploding Dwarf was attacked by Soulstorm to remove it.

This was followed by Zalran Efreet attacking Haunted Spirit and removing it even before it attack.

And Zalran Efreet itself got removed because of the attack by Mantoid.

So, that means, 4 monsters with 2 each from both sides got removed in the first round itself.


Round 2:

With 3 monsters on my side with better speed than the monsters used by opponent, it was advantage for me and second round started with Fineas Rage attacking first to remove Soulstorm and then Serpentine Spy and Cerberus attacked to remove Death Elemental.

That means, only Twisted Jester is left with attacking ability for opponent since Mantoid was a ranged attack monster and couldn't attack from the first position.


Round 3:

Mantoid was attacked by Fineas Rage, Serpentine Spy and Cerberus to remove it and brought Twisted Jester to front which again being a ranged attack monster, couldn't do much and have to look helplessly getting attacked itself in next round.


Round 4:

It all took just 2 blows one each by Fineas Rage and Serpentine Spy to remove the Twisted Jester and win this battle in just 4 rounds!!!!

Creeping Ooze was crucial for this battle as the reduced speed made the opponent's monsters lose the opportunity to attack early and that paved way for this win to me.


That was a rather easy battle because of the speed induced by summoner and Creeping Ooze and here I am answering the questions to be answered.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

I don't see any change in the lineup I used since It contributed in an easy win for me and each of those monsters including Exploding Dwarf.

This means, I feel, this is the best lineup for the given mana cap and rulesets.

Do you like the CERBERUS? Why or why not?

I like this monster since it's a healing monster and has contributed in many wins for me.

That's a nice battle I enjoyed battling it out and writing this blog and I hope you guys like it too.

Thanking you all for the support and wishing you a safe stay.


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Fantastic job on the battlefield.
Keep on battling.