#07 - Bronze league with Life element.


Hi Splintelanders.

Today we are going to build a very competitive team with the Life element to compete in the bronze league.

Let's start with the summoner Tyrus Paladium.

This rare summoner will give 1 extra shield to all monsters on your team. Which is a huge advantage in battles.


Now in position number 1, we're going to use the rare monster Shieldbearer as a tank.
In addition to having a high number of lives, he also has 4 shields, and an attack power of 2 at the lowest level.


In the second position, I'll nominate the Lunakari Mistress Epic Magic Attack monster.

This monster has an attack power of 2 at its lowest level and has 6 lives. In other words, very insane...


In third position we will use another very insane monster, and with fantastic attack power. Silvershield Assassin is a rare monster whose main ability is the double strike in each round.


Our next monster will be a different healer. I'm talking about Armorsmith. This monster's main ability is to restore the broken armor of the team's monsters each round.


And finally let's climb another insane monster, and with high attack power. I'm talking about the rare monster Silvershield Sheriff. With an attack power of 3 at its lowest level, and the high number of lives make this archer an excellent choice for your team.


Now you are ready to compete in the bronze league against any opponent. Practice a lot, and test out other strategies.

In the next post we'll set up a team with the death element for the bronze league.


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Images: @splinterlands