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One of the brand new reward cards is being highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge this week...

When it comes down to reward cards, I tend to keep holding on to all of them. On my main, I systematically level them up until they reach the maximum level for my L5 Summoners. In case I get golden cards, I send them over to my Alt Level 3 account. Once I have the cards at max level, I continue collecting them with an eye to lease them out in the future to improve the sign-up deal I'm offering to onboard new players giving them the best possible way to start off.

Since the new cards were released a couple of weeks back, I managed to collect 6 Rare Dragon Gloridax Soldiers and have 34 more to go before getting it at level 5.

As always, it's quite hard to win matches with lower-level cards but my Gloridax Soldier held up really well and actually survived because I combined it with the Blind Ability of the Spirit Miner also lowering the opponent's firepower with the Demoralize and Headwind abilities from the level 3 Fallen Spectre which is a super useful card (if the opponent has no reflect). On the back of my line-up, I put the powerful ranged Haunted Spider & Twisted Jester finishing it all off with the inevitable Golden Furious Chicken for a 10% DEC bonus.

Overall a fun interesting battle that ended up as a win.

Full Battle Replay

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Wow that was a really close battle!

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I also keep most of my rewards cards and I agree a low level gloridax soldier would be hard to win a game. Great match there

Thanks for sharing!

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