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One of the Old School Beta cards is highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the 2 mana Kobold Miner

Unless you are able to afford all cards in Splinterlands, I guess it's best to have a certain personal play style that is more aimed toward certain classes and abilities. For me, I guess it's a combination of Melee Attack and Healing. The Kobold Miner is one of the cards I have at Level 6 and I regularly use it in low mana Fire Splinter battles since my Malric Inferno Summoner gives a +1 Melee Attack boost.

The game rules allowed Ranged Monsters to attack from first position which made me go for 2 cards with the Shield ability in the first 2 places, The Chain Golem & Cyclops. I had these followed by the Kobold Golem to do some sneak attack to hopefully take out my opponent his backline. Both the Tortisan Chief (which is my latest card purchase) and the Beetle Queen provided double heal for my frontline which was always going to make it extremely hard for my opponent to kill my first 2 monsters. I ended my deck with the Fire Demon to so some solid ranged attack.

I came out of this battle almost untouched as I both had better cards and I guess better tactics. All his attacks targeted my front 2 cards which were able to absorb all the damage and got healed each round.

Full Battle Replay

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Thanks for letting me know @jaki01, I'd love to join if it wasn't for a complete lack in time at the moment. Both the Belgian League is going at full force again with lots of things happening in the crypto markets. I already had to cut down on my Splinterlands time leaving my Capture rate at 100% most of the time.

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Good Luck!

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Thanks for your Battle Challenge!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Fantastic battle and strategy.
It seems your team didn't show even little mercy on the opponent team.