Splinterlands | Lone Boatman Challenge

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This week, a common Untamed card from the Life Splinter is highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the Lone Boatman

I have a soft spot for pretty much all monsters that restore health or armor which made me buy and combine 100 single Lone Boatman cards to have it at Level 6 for my collection. At around 0.03$ for a single card, it's not really all too expensive but also by now means a powerhouse of a card. 5 Mana for 2 ranged snipe attack and 4-2 on health armor makes the repair ability by far the strongest feature especially in matches where no Magic Damage is allowed.

The match has no Magic rules making it suitable for a card like the Lone Boatman which I put in middle position. The Chain Golem remains a rock-solid tank, especially with these rules. I rarely play the Silvershield Warrior but given the fact that it has armor and reach its quite suitable for this matchup. I used the Armorsmith for double shield repair making it impossible for the opponent to break my tank if most the damage is aimed toward it. I ended to deck with the Silvershield Bard and the Furious Chicken to protect against sneak attack which was needed in this match.

My Chain Golem remained untouched because of the double repair thanks to the Lone Boatman. An opponent aimed more toward Sneak or Snipe would have made this match much more difficult to win though.

Full Battle Replay

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

You had a fantastic strategy there, it seemed although you had a tough opponent as well.
Keep on battling.

Thanks !