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I missed last week's challenge because I was a bit sick for 3 days and pimply haven't had the energy to play much barely completing the daily quests. I'm back to normal now for this Share Your Battle Challenge which highlights the old school Silvershield Warrior card

This card isn't all that special since there are generally way better options out there for the same mana cost. I can see it being useful in matches where only the Life Summoner is available along with very specific rules which is highly unlikely. I would say at its current price of 0.027$ it is overvalued based on better cards that can be bought for a cheaper price.

The rules for this game were heavy hitters with a 20 Mana cap. I chose for the Life Tyrus Paladin Summoner because the combination of getting some armor on all monsters with the strong Silvershield Paladin class card in the first position along with the Level 5 Thunderbirth which provides stunning to exploit the game rules is quite a good combination. The Silvershield Warrior in 2nd position was useful since it could act as a secondary 1st position card in case that one gets killed. I also used the Divine Sorceress which has quite good stats for the mana cost in a match like this and the Armorsmith to regenerate Armor to keep my tank alive. As always, the Golden Furious Chicken was useful to get 10% extra DEC earnings and protect against Stealth attacks.

Pretty easy win overall mainly because I haven't been playing as much as last seasons which puts me lower on the rankings. Since the game works with Win streak bonus points, just playing many games really boosts your rank as you gain more points with random win streaks.

Full Battle Replay

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To understand what the game is about and how it can be played check the video below!

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Those life Monsters are a great team, now I understand why are Silvershield hahaha, nice battle almost all stand until the end.