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It's one of the old school cards that gets highlighted in this weeks Share Your Battle Challenge. The Death Summoner Twisted Jester.

Especially the 2 or 3 ranged damage for a 4 mana cost card makes the Twisted Jester one of the must-have cards from the Death Summoner. I still try to include it in pretty much every Deck I create with this summoner. The battle this week had a small mana cap (The death summoner is excellent for that) and both me and my opponent pretty much chose the exact same cards with the difference that we put them in a different order.

We both played the Haunted Spirit, Furious Chicken, Creeping Ooze, Undead Priest, Haunted Spider & the Twisted Jester. The main difference was that I put my Firuous chicken firts to absorb 1 early blow saving my Haunted Spirit some health which worked out great as the damage. It was a very close battle and I guess me having 1 health extra on my tank along with having the slow function of my creeping ooze in full effect all match long made the difference pulling a win.

It's always nice to see the opponent came up with almost exactly the same deck for the given ruleset.

Full Battle Replay

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Nice work!

Nice to get a win when you know you've made a better card placement!

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