Hide Your Exploding Dwarf! - Splinterlands Tips, Tricks, and Tactics #65

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Welcome to the newest video of the Splinterlands tips, tricks, and tactics! In this video, I will talk about playing the battles with the rule where Melee monsters can hit from any place in the deck... With that mode, you can use some of the cards that usually you don't as you can make some interesting combinations...

The main "role" in this video was given to the Exploding Dwarf card... It's an awesome one, it has 4+ melee attack, it is a fast card, and it has a very cool ability called Blast! It makes exactly what it says, it blasts the cards near the one that it has attacked... But, it has one big disadvantage, and that is his life, it's only 1... So, we want to use the card more often, but we don't want to lose it in the first round...

Check out the video for more details... ;)

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