Low Mana Battle and Lure Strategy - Splinterlands Live Battling #58

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Welcome to the newest Live Battling video from the awesome Splinterlands game! New Splinterlands season has been started, and we are all dropped in lower leagues... I'm currently in the Gold leagues, and there is a big mix of opponents... Some of them are strong, with higher leveled cards, and on the other side, others are weaker... So, you never know what kind of opponent will you get in the next battle...

I have played 3 battles in this video, and surprisingly, I did fairly well... As I said in the intro, opponents are like a lottery, so you will see that in the video... I had to do my daily quest by NOT playing with neutral monsters, which I have repeated a few times for myself in the video, but I failed to do it when I had to create my battling deck... lol... Lack of concentration, I suppose... :)

Check out the video for more details... ;)

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