Splinterlands Quest Giveaway (Win Free Card) - Round #702

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Hello Splinterpeeps!

Welcome to the 702nd round of Splinterlands giveaway! Another day, another giveaways... I'm still in Gold 1, but not bad rewards... Pick up the card that you like more... ;)

The idea of giveaway is that I would like to give every day for free (or every second day, depends of my free time for playing the game and getting rewards) one of my daily quests reward cards! You just have to pick up which one do you like most!

Lucky winner will receive 1 Splinterlands card by his choice!!!

Today's options to choose:


Rules for Splinterlands quest giveaway:

1. Comment on this post what card (only card!) do you want from offered ones
2. Put your Splinterlands username in the comment (if it is not the same as here).
::. You can also tag your friends in comments to invite them to join the giveaway .::

NO Upvote, NO Follow and NO Reblog required!!! But appreciated if done.

The winner will be chosen by random comment picker (picker.steemify.me) and he/she will receive chosen card.

The game will last minimum 23-24 hours, or until this posts has minimum 5 valid comments (except bots, spam comments etc).

Results of Splinterlands quest giveaway No: 701


The card goes to –------ >>> @pieternijmeijer


For non-winners, I hope you have a better luck in this round of #splinterlands giveaway!


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That sandworm looks awesome!

Ill go for the flame monkey

Flame monkey please :)

You have won the card in this round, @wirago! Congratulations!


Thanks for the participation and support!

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Sand Worm please

Sandworm please?

Sandworm please!

Sand Worm plz

Funny. I also got two Flame Monkeys today.
Fun fact: On peakmonsters they are called Torch Monkey.

Hey @cryptofiloz, here is a little bit of BEER from @exator for you. Enjoy it!

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Sandworm !


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I would like to win the Sand Worm.


Sand worm please :)

Sand worm

Congrats @pieternijmeijer
Sand worm, please!

Sand worm

sand worm

sand worm @leonardohwang

The sandworm would help me alot!

Congratulations to @pieternijmeijer ! :)

I will choose the Flame Monkey today...still leveling up ;)

Good luck, all! Have an awesome weekend 💚

i'll go for flamemonkey.

Sand worm

Congratulations to @pieternijmeijer!

I would prefer the Sand Worm, please.

Sand worm

sand worm

sandworm please

Congrats @pieternijmeijer!
Count me in for the sandworm, please

Sand Worm please @oraing

A sandworm, please.

This round is finished! If you want to participate, please visit the new one at: https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@cryptofiloz/splinterlands-quest-giveaway-win-free-card-round-703