Champion 3 League Reward Chests - Splinterlands Season Rewards Opening #18

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Welcome to the newest Splinterlands Season Rewards opening video! The New Year started with this season and we have finished the first one of 2021! I didn't receive some great sega-mega-giga cards, but I did receive a nice amount of DEC tokens... So, that can be easily converted into some great cards...

Somehow, I have got into the Champion 3 league 3-4 days before the end... I won a couple of battles against much stronger opponents and earned over 100 points which pumped me up to Champ league, which reserved me 80 chests for the opening!

Check out the video for more details...

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Thanks for watching!


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Nice end of season rewards and congrats on making it to Champion 3! @clove71

Thanks for the support and upvote!!! Appreciate it...


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