Common and Rare Cards Bring Victories... - Splinterlands Season Rewards Opening #25

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Welcome to the newest Splinterlands Season Rewards opening video! Like many times before, it happened again... I just needed one win to get into the Champion 3 league, but I failed to do it... And I was in that position 2-3 times this season!

Anyways, it is what it is... To be honest, I know that my cards aren't the best material for Champ league and I can't battle against others that have maximum leveled cards... Sometimes, the strategy can win the battle, but against pure strength, it can't happen a lot of times... :) So, 60 reward chests got opened in this one...

Check out the video for more details...

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Another awesome video! ~@clove71

Thanks for the support! Appreciated!!!

I don't think it was that bad. My own rewards this season wasn't that bad either as I got an untamed and gold foil common.

Well, GF and Untamed Pack sound awesome! :) Congrats for that!

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Like to have some good cards for the start 😌 @lxsxl