Untamed Packs + Quick Review of the Future of Splinterlands

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Opening Splinterlands Untamed Packs

2 Legendries Revealed Plus Quick SPT Review

Too poor to afford Splinterlands packs yourself but love the thrill of seeing cards revealed? Well this is the place for you!

This morning I opened a few more packs I purchased to see if I get my return on investment. SPT cards are really cheap on Hive-Engine and I got these about half the normal price - HUGE DISCOUNT!

At the end of this video I did a quick review on why I think there is still potential in Splinterlands, though I know a lot of Hive friends selling their cards... I'll continue to hold mine.

This is not financial advice and I've made some poor decisions on Hive, but regardless I have fun opening packs and renting my cards out to earn a healthy passive income.




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This is a great Splinterlands video! Your son is adorable!

Awesome! Nice job on the Legendary Yodin Zaku Summoner, my favorite card! ~@clove71

I was happy to see this one, maybe next time I'll get a Gold version!

How do you open the packs you buy on Hive Engine. I bought some on LeoDex and they're not showing up in game. Is there a trick to transfer them to the game?

You have to transfer them from your wallet there to steemmonsters, it feels really sketchy but works. you don't have to add anything in memo

OMG that's crazy. I just transferred one and it worked. Thank you so much. This will become my latest addiction with token gains now 🤣

Np bro! Yea it's much cheaper on H-E / Leodex! I'm addicted to opening card packs too! Been awhile since I got a gold legendary though

I just looked, I've never opened or won a gold legendary card. I'll probably be buying more packs now that I can get them cheaper. So hopefully. I've got a ton of potions too, so here's hoping. Thanks again :)


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